Abused & Killed: 11-Year-Old Weighed 56 Pounds

Posted on: 7:00 pm, February 11, 2014, by and , updated on: 03:49pm, February 12, 2014

Tyler Tommy Amanda Raines

(Horn Lake, MS) The father and step-mother of an 11-year-old boy found dead Thursday were charged with capital murder Tuesday.

The boy, who weighed only 56 pounds when he died, was found dead in his home on Valleybrook Cove.

An investigator close to the case calls the death the worst case of child abuse he’s ever seen because the boy had bruises from head to toe.

Family members identified the boy as Tyler Raines, and say they haven’t been able to see him in years.

“His dad and his step-mother refused to let anybody in the family see him,” the boy’s aunt, Rebecca Gaines, said.

The boy’s father, Tommy Raines, and step-mother, Amanda, are charged.

Each is being held on a $250,000 bond.

DeSoto County investigators say the boy had been home schooled for at least two years while the other children in the house went to school.

“In my opinion, they were obviously trying to keep anyone else from knowing what’s going on with the little boy,” said Gaines.

“I saw the little boy last Saturday for the first time since they moved here,” neighbor Mary Sullivan said. “He looked skinny. He looked very skinny. I really thought that he was probably 7 or 8 years old. I was really surprised when I found out he was 11 years old.”

While the boy’s mother says Tyler’s father refused to let her see him for the last year and a half, she says she got to see him Saturday in the funeral home before he was cremated, and that what she saw made her believe something terrible happened.

She says he was emaciated and looked severely abused.


  • Aha! says:

    Let these people out of jail and let the good people of Horn Lake take care of them. Vigilante justice is sometimes warranted.

  • Joe Censored says:

    If they hurt this kid, general population will serve justice.

    • valeria says:

      Joe Censored – the child is dead, so it’s not a question of whether or not someone hurt him (duhhh)…….

  • Randy Brown says:

    Knew it. Hope they rot In HELL both of them.

  • Randy Brown says:

    NOW Linda, IS there more to the story?

  • Linda says:

    They were arrested tonight and are being charged with capital murder!!

  • Debbie says:

    Amanda Leigh Raines and Jack Thomas Raines are there names.

  • a concerned citizen says:

    Poor kid dead over the foolishness of these cave beasts.

  • the AUNT says:

    @michelle First let me you I am the AUNT that loved this little boy to pieces. The aunt that would drive 500+ miles to get to see these little guys to have them stay with us! That’s another round trip to take them home of 500 miles each way. Because I was a STEP aunt, you see my brother was married to their momma, when he piece of scum got custody of them, he didn’t let the boys come see us anymore, or let their momma have them when we were in town. PART 1

    • austinandjustin says:

      I am so sorry for the pain that little boy went through. I’m sorry for the pain your family is now going through. I’ve always believed that if little children die, they become angels in heaven. I don’t know if it helps you, but to think of your nephew as an angel in heaven looking down on all of us here, brings me a little bit of peace.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    child abuse happens in all places but what is being done about it

  • Justice says:

    Death penalty! Rest in peace Tyler no other children will have to suffer at the hands of these MONSTERS! There is a special place in hell for these two! (@Michelle) As for everyone trying to point fingers at people other than tommy and Amanda Raines shame on you! They were turned into dhs numerous times! Ask dhs what happened! It’s hard to tell authorities whats going on if the family was constantly fleeing the child abuse allegations! Get your facts straight Michelle before you go pointing fingers!

    • A concerned parent says:

      Tragic for this child to endure & suffer at the hands of people morally and legally responsible for his care. What’s even worse is DHS failed to PROTECT. Period!!!! DHS should be held accountable!!!!! It starts at the top!!
      To the mother and the Aunt I grieve with you and for you.
      I pray that in his senseless death that it will NOT be in vain and that this will open peoples eyes and break the barrier of cold hearts.
      Now is the time for real advocacy – for this one little boy their are so many others that are being failed by the system.

    • Laura says:

      If my ex husband would not allow me to see my son, I would have to police involved inside of a week, so it does make you wonder….

  • Justice for Tyler says:

    If you would like to donate to help lay Tyler to rest the family has set up a website to do so at http://www.youcaring.com and search for Tyler Raines! Thank you so much!

  • kay says:

    once again., we read of a tragic death of an innocent child. if the POS did not want him, return him to the mother, take him to the police and have the guts to look this kid in the face and eyes and say, I don’t want u anymore, I don’t love you. how sorry, they need a bullet to the head,
    no excuses.. do they have other kids? where are they? Where was his mother during all this? the mother should have contacted police, DHS, whomever, I would have done all I could do before I allowed this POS to have my child. Poor little guy, how sad. at least now he is at peace.

    • Dorothy says:

      The sad thing is, people are afraid to call the police anymore (especially in Hernando, Southaven, etc.) because they almost ALWAYS take someone( usually the innocent party) to jail. The policy is… when they arrive at your home, they are taking someone in… even if you simply want to make a report. This is a HORRIBLE policy. Oh they say that it keeps the tension down and lets everyone cool off. Don’t you think that when the one who makes the call gets “OUT” , he/she is going to pay, yet again, for getting involved? We need to look at many reasons this happened, or similar things happen.

    • Cousin says:

      They were reported to DHS several times. No one would listen to the mother or the other parents of the other 6 children in the house. these people abused the system and lied to get custody so they could draw child support on these kids. Neither of them had a job, they lived off the children they lied to collect. DHR was quick to believe lies and take them from loving homes, but didnt ever check up on the living conditions. The system failed Tyler and all the other children in the house, they were reported by several people several times.

      • Barbara says:

        My Question is how did he get custody to start with?

      • geo says:

        You are so right. I think the remaining family should sue DHS.
        Every time they get involved they are worthless.
        Kid probably got beat every time it was reported, but hey our government is so wonderful.

        I feel for your family and hope that God will help you heal.

      • Laura says:

        Even if they had custody of the child, the mother would have visitation rights. Why had she not seen her son for a year and a half? You can call the police if the custodial parent is denying your visitation. They will come out and likely tell you you have to go to court, but the police would insist on seeing the child while they are there. The story is odd, whether that’s because the reporter did a poor job, or because the mother was neglectful, I don’t know, but something is not right. You can’t say the ‘system’ failed this child unless you also acknowledge that the mother failed this child as well.

  • nytosha says:

    If they are being charged with Capital Murder of a CHILD why in the hell do they have a freaking bond. They shouldn’t be able to see the light of day ever again.

  • about the fundraiser... says:

    Don’t ask any questions.. they will delete them and block you.

  • tammy says:

    Hope they get what they deserve…… all I can say is I am a mother who has an ex……….. BUT there is no way he could ever keep me away from my children that long!! There is legal steps that would prevent that even if I had to get a second job!!!!

  • Saddened says:

    This is sad. My wife and i worked with this scum at two different casinos over a period of 10 or so years. You ever have that first impression when meeting someone that there is something way wrong with them? Well then you knew “tommy”. Never cared for the guy but being employed at the same establishment my wife and i knew him. He was hardly employable to say the least. He was a barback who rarely worked more than a few hours always having to go home early for some reason or another. Everybody knew that was a lie because he was always seen drunk at another casino gambling whatever cash he had made and asking for a smoke. Here’s was the first red flag. i remember he asked my wife and i one year if we wanted to claim one of his kids on our taxes in exchange for half of whatever we got back extra. I was shocked and needless to say the answer was a four letter word followed by no! As a parent i could never think of doing such a thing much less how to say, “hey ya wanna buy one of my babies”. Red flag number two. He was working at one casino and let it slip while talking with my wife that he and his wife had gone out the night before. Tommy and his wife and their kids litterally “lived” at the bally’s casino hotel for a few months. My wife came home concerned talking with me knowing that he and his wife had to leave the kids all alone and also that she knew their kids were not being taken to school. The very next day my wife called a tip into tunica county sheriff’s dept. concerned with the well fare of their kids. All i know is that they were made to leave the hotel and where they went i dont know. There a two things that are a fact. 1. GOD has that boy in his arms and 2. GOD WILL MAKE THEM ANSWER FOR THEIR SINS. I am deeply sad for what has happened and will be for some time.

    • I’m very glad to see you’ve stepped up to comment that you knew these people. But you should have reported what was going on a long time ago. This little boy could have been saved maybe.

      • Deb says:

        The ONLY people to blame for this precious angel’s death are the murderers! NO ONE else. I don’t care if his mother never checked on him, I don’t care if CPS never got involved, the monsters who killed him made that choice and should never see the light of day again.

    • joe says:

      Umm so where was GOD to stop the child from being murdered? You talk about free will, where was the boy’s free will to stop this?

      Can’t have it both ways Bible freak.

      • leslie says:

        @joe your ignorant.

      • Rhonda Simpson says:

        Joe, God was holding his hand through this and he took him home!! He saved him from anymore abuse. He will take your hand also…..just ask him.

      • nick gerz says:

        Joe, you are so right! these people were probably treating him on what they the bible wanted them to do.

      • observer901 says:

        @Nick Gerz

        What you don’t know makes you who you are. I pity you, if that helps.

      • geo says:

        I think what you mean is “Where is God?”
        You know truthfully I don’t know nor do I think anyone can know.
        What we do know is this God is beyond our intelligence to be able to comprehend. He did leave us a great manual called the Bible and I hope that you will read it and be able to find some peace.

        May He walk with you Joe. I will pray for you even though you may not want me to.

      • God is Good. says:

        You make no sense. If you don’t know God or the Bible then please don’t walk around acting like you do. You are the type of person who believes there are no consequences for your actions therefore you walk around saying ‘God’s not real” If he’s not to you then get over it. You spewing hate only makes it more clearer as to why you feel the way you do.
        BTW he is with God now.
        God Bless his soul. God Bless us all.

    • The AUNT says:

      @saddened. I don’t know how to get in touch with you, but I have an investigative reporter that wants to cover the Child Protective Services angle of this tragedy. We need to get anyone that has direct knowledge of either turning this family into the police or DHS to contact her. I’m not sure if you will read this, but I didn’t know how to get in touch with you. I can give you the reporter name, phone, cell & email. Fingers crossed that you get this message.

      • Catrice says:

        @aunt I was their nanny for years before they moved to byhalia to stay with her mom. Send me an email at titti_bear on yahoo.com I have pictures to prove and can name all 6 kids

  • Aunt says:

    cont.You see it was something he didn’t have control of this time. You better believe had I even heard it might be happening, I would have been at child services everyday & hold their hand if need be. Part 2 @michelle

  • Aunt says:

    cont. The beast wanted to cremate this precious little boy to burn the evidence or the memory, I’m glad his mom put a stop to it so he gets the burial he deserves. It’s so sad that this has had to happen, we are totally heartbroken.by the way you did read that they moved around a lot, they did not live in horn lake when we met them.@michelle
    The AUNT PART 3

  • Michelle says:

    So he HAS NOT been cremated??

    • Family friend says:

      No, and he will not be.

      • Catrice says:

        If there is a burial, what funeral home is the body at so I can make a payment and maybe say goodbye. Regardless of what is said I love Tyler and JT and the rest. I just want to see him again. I am trying my best to find out what happened. Just tell her (Ashley) I will try my best to find out what happened. I promise

  • Michelle says:

    Saddened states that he worked off and on with Tommy and Amanda Raines for 10 years, must have been in vacinity of north Mississippi,
    you don’t have to justify anything to me. I’m just a mother and grand-mother that found this story to be so so sad that I couldn’t help but
    comment on it. Tyler’s picture reminded me so much of my grandson.

  • Aunt says:

    cont. part 2 A I am the AUNT that the first mention that he was dead and it looked like he had been tortured, called every local news station, emailed local, & national newspapers. I didn’t want them to get away with it.

  • Aunt says:

    I’ve totally avoided this commenting and won’t post anymore. go find another blog you can get involved in, negative attention is some kind of attention. Tyler has justice.(@michelle)
    The AUNT PART 2

  • Kathryn foster-martin says:

    Things like this are happening all over the nation. We have not seen my granddaughter in over 2 yrs, her parents are addicts and dealers. Cops know about it, so does DCF and the only thing they do is threaten to arrest me for harassment for reporting. Pleas, pleas help me publicize this. Unless you are loving this hell you do not realize ot is happening.
    Please sign and share.

  • Wreg-Fan says:

    Death Penalty for the parents

  • Justice for Tyler says:

    @Michelle …No he has not been cremated. He is going to be buried. The family that loved him has set up the website and in no way will money ever go to those monsters! The donations go towards burial services. Rest in peace sweet boy!

  • MaJo says:

    God bless you little one; at least now you will have peace and love.

  • Family friend says:

    Dad wanted him cremated, but mom stood her ground. Tyler is getting a proper burial. Mom is one of the best people that I know. I can’t blame people for asking why someone didn’t do anything, because my mind would probably go there too if I didn’t know better. This is an unique situation. Mom is an incredible mom that really did fight to see her babies. Please, do not be quick to judge. The most important issue here is that a precious child lost his life for absolutely no reason!

    • Krystal says:

      I knew both the mom and dad very well due to i worked in the casino industry with them and i was very shocked that Tommy would do something like this but it is what it is. And as for the mother Ashley, she was an awesome mom who i saw sacrifice a lot for her kids and always talked good things about each of them. So for you people out there wuestioning her mothering, i call BS!!!

    • kay says:

      if mom was good why did father have the child in the first place and not see him for one and half years,she should have stood up for him before it got this far,not when its time to bury him.GOD and Karma works wonders.

  • this is heartbreaking. they used this child as a punching bag. I hope population in jail will do the same to them.RIP little guy.

  • The truth says:

    No he has not been cremated. The family is trying to raise money to bury him. Reading all of this makes me sick. Y’all are arguing about someone should have done something but whose to say they didn’t try? If you don’t know the family personally then don’t argue with them. Ever think that they did try and that it didn’t get them any where you can’t just go on other people property and demand to see your child they would have called the police the birthmom has other kids she couldn’t take care of them if she was in jail. So before you run you’re mouth about what she should have done think about all the consequences she might have to face. Calling dhs did nothing because they didn’t do anything that’s been stated on the other page by the father and step mother of one of the other children.

  • wcrump44 says:

    I think that these two should die in exactly the same manner as that helpless little boy. They should be made to suffer as long and as severely as he had to. They should be starved and slowly beaten to the brink of death several times before finally being beaten to death. I guarantee you that the beating that killed this little guy was by far not the first one he ever received at the hands of these evil Godless individuals. I’d bet he went to bed many a night with an empty stomach.
    Maybe if those who want to kill knew that their execution would be swift, sure, and just as violent and horrific as the death their victims died, they just might think twice before acting. This should be done in public for all to see so that it may serve as a graphic deterrent to those who might consider acting in such a depraved, inhumane manner.

    I hate to say it, but life without parole or even lethal injection is too good for the likes of these people. Just as Abel’s blood cried to God from the ground (Gen. 4:1-10), so this little boy’s blood cries for justice.

  • Mary says:

    I heard that they would also be charged with sexual assault. Is that true? Pile it on them! They won’t last long enough to make it to the death penalty. Folks in prison with handle them.

  • B says:

    It’s very tragic but I also question what was the mother doing or not doing to where the kid was placed with the father? Evidently he wasn’t well taken care of in either environment. Prayers for the family and their loss this is a sad situation

  • One Who Knows says:

    To everyone saying that people needed to report any suspicious behavior: Mississippi DHS is useless. Speaking from personal experience (that we’re still in the middle of), they will do NOTHING unless the child is in the morgue or near death in a hospital bed (and even then, they may do nothing). You can make reports until you’re blue in the face and they will always have the same response: “No evidence of abuse”, even when the evidence is staring them in the face! My thoughts and prayers are with the family and those who knew this little boy. Everyone else – lay off. They’re suffering enough and its not THEIR fault – the ones who are to blame are in custody. Lets hope they get what they deserve and the state of MS doesn’t let the family of this poor boy down any more than they already have.

    • Another One Who Knows says:

      MS DHS is useless and ALWAYS tries to keep the kids with their family, even if the family has history of drugs or abuse or malfeasance or neglect. If the family can follow all the DHS rules and plans, they generally get their kids back. Desoto County has an amazing, caring, fair juvenile judge, but there’s only so much she can do when DHS is twisting the facts in the family’s favor – and in their own favor. A reunified family is a gold star for DHS, regardless of the terrible circumstances that the child is put back into. RIP, sweet child.

      • proud of dhs says:

        Social workers at MS DHS are caring and go above their job duties. I personally know some in desoto and I have seen them work long hours. They hurt when a child hurts. They help parents and family’s while protecting the children. They stand up and advocate for children everyday and deal with some horrible cases. To me, some of you sound like resentful people who didnt get what you wanted (another one who knows). Blame should be with parents. Here’s my question why didn’t the family get a lawyer and ask for custody if they had concerns?

  • jbmw123 says:

    I hope these monsters suffer 10 times what that little boy did.

  • Angry says:

    You can’t fault someone outside immediate family for not being psychic and knowing child abuse was going on. That being said, I don’t understand how an abuse case this severe didn’t draw attention somewhere.

    Where was his mom? You don’t see your kid for two years, and that’s just ok? Did the father get sole custody where she wasn’t allowed to see him? Sounds like the poor kid went from one abusive parent to the next, and if she did have joint custody, then her apathy about seeing her own child for two years is absolutely disgusting. If someone was denying me visitation rights to my child, I’d be in court fighting tooth and nail about it. Why wasn’t she? Now she wants help burying him? Sounds like she wants easy money, because if she really cared about her son she would have been asking for help while he was still ALIVE. She is NOT a victim here.

    How the hell does a kid disappear off the grid like this without having any sort of authorities checking in on the family? I thought every child had to be registered at a school or registered as home schooled so the government didn’t step in and prosecute you. How did he slip through the cracks like this? How many other kids are out there like him that have slipped off the grid?

    This kid was let down by everyone involved. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

    Ugh… So many things about this story upset me. How can you do this to an innocent child?

    • BJ says:

      Agreed, I am a Step parent, a good one. I rescued 2 kids from an abusive mother and raised a step son completely alone when my husband left me. So I know what it is like when parents just give up on a child. It is not ok.

      So I bet the Mom gave up because it was easier. She did not have the money, she did not have the time to take off work. Trust me I have been there. Whatever!

      Listen if you really love your kids, like I love my step son, my step son, a kid I did not even give birth to. Then you make f****ng time! You move heaven and earth to be by their side for whatever they need. If you have not seen them in 2 years there is something wrong with you! This child is dead because you did not see him for 2 years. That is a fact!

  • Tina H. says:

    My deepest condolences to the innocent family members for their loss of this precious child.

    I just don’t see this as a time to throw stones at the innocents who are genuinely grieving for this child whom they loved. ‘Until you’ve walked in their moccasins’ ya know?

    I didn’t know this child, but my heart aches for what he suffered. You want to make something just come from this? Lobby to change the rules, through the proper channels. If you don’t have guts to start that ball rolling, to save the NEXT child, you’re just the kettle calling the pot black, nothing more than a flamer. I’m not a resident of that state. I can’t lobby for it. Put your money, time, & talent where your mouth is.

  • Lisa Edmond says:

    What happened to the other children?

  • Tanda Roach says:

    That poor little boy did not deserve anything that happened to him. I pray that God has him in his arms and is giving him the love & comfort he deserved. He was only a child caught up in the middle of evil on all sides. No matter who did what or did not do anything Tyler is the one who suffered. God will punish whomever is responsible in the end. JUDGEMENT DAY WILL COME TO THEM.

  • It’s very unusual for a Mom not to get custody of kids. I’m curious why the mother didn’t have him and why she never got to see him to know what his condition was. Now she wants to step up and get money to give him a proper burial? Sounds suspect.

  • D says:

    If we would have swift justice and execute people like this maybe some of this would stop. But holding them in jail and running it through court many times just upholds what should be done in the first place. People like this are very mentally unstable and need to be but in their place.

  • No new laws, no more intervention from DHS or other agency would have prevented his death. Evil people do evil things. An amoral government is incapable of making moral judgments. Government is never the solution, it can only react to public outrage.

  • anonymous says:

    What about the other children? I hope they are ok…. Maybe they have some answers to what the hell was going on in that house….

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    Meth-head trailer trash needs a bullet not a sentence.

  • Mindy says:

    This is so sad. No child should have to live like that.
    I hope justice is served for this helpless little boy.
    Heart breaking:’(

  • Amber says:

    Authorities should have been called when they were refusing to let people see him.

  • john says:

    they are probably safer in jail

  • Heartbroken says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this boy and his family. May he rest in peace with our Heavenly Father. Also, may those who are guilty be held accountable for their actions.
    I do want to say, I do not know this family or knew, Tyler, their child. However, I do not think it is right for anyone to cast judgement on this boys extended family based off what his father and step-mother. I know I would not want to be judged based off of some of my family members that I do not know or choose to ignore! Whose to say they knew anything, just the same, whose to say any of their coworkers-friends etc knew this was happening! People who are sicko’s are masters of pretending to be normal!!! If anyone knew, family or acquaintance, then yes they were in the wrong and I do hope guilt consumes there immortal soul but without proof we should not be carting stones! In my opinion, That makes us no better then these horrible people.

  • Tally says:

    how could his birth mother be ok with not seeing him for a year and a half and not wonder if anything was wrong?! she is just as guilty as the father and step mother. she should have alerted authorities WAY before the death of this little boy

  • Me says:

    Joe you are Ignorant. Read the Bible and then you can answer your stupid statement. If you don’t read it, you will get your answer one day and you will look like a Fool. It’s really sad what has happened to this child. The parents need to tortured. The Death penalty would be too good for them. Also, the DHS people should be help responsible. The people that work there are worthless. There are a few here and there that honestly care and are good at what they do. Everyone should flood the DHS phones about how sorry they are. Can’t believe how people are so horrible. Prayers for the boy and his family.

    • ludiebelle says:

      The GAL did not do her job. After all she had worked at DHS at one time. Maybe the GAL’S excuse was ” He won’t talk “, which is no excuse at all. Most abused children won’t tell what is going on in the household because the abuser intimidates the child or children.

  • We should take a cue from the Nazis and exterminate all of our trash, starting with these people.

  • Sherry McDonald says:

    I am saddened to hear this. I for one, have no use for the judical system.
    I have numerous text and emails from my grandsons ex step father stating he was going to kill him and a video of ex with a ax destorying gransons bedroom suite that was given to him by his great grand parents. We tried to get a restraining order and the judge denied it stating the threats are just words. I asked so you are telling me that until he actually hurts or kills him you wont do anything? He said yes. There is nothing we can do. So after much investigating WE have to change the way the laws are written…as far as these 2, turn them loose. I am all about vigilante justice.

  • Felicia Pulliam says:

    RIP little Tyler.

    These two should be released into the community and be forced to wear a shirt stating “I killed Tyler Raines.” Let the authorities turn an blind eye to them as it seems was done to Tyler. Then, Let the community of DeSoto County, MS handle their punishment.

    Who is his birth mother? I see several things about her but nothing saying who she is.

  • Beverly says:

    How old was the oldest child in the home? Does anybody know?

  • Mandy says:

    God has so much work that needs to be done in this world. What is so sad is the majority of the devils soldiers are your typical neighbors and friends that have something to say about everything and buy into anything. Ashley I have never met you but you are friends with my brother Jason Martin and he use to tell me that you were going through a lot and I’m so sorry your son had to be the one to go through this. He could change the Standard Operating Procedures for the other children. Our kids are more than a civil issue especially when you are not dealing with civil people. When you are dealing with people like this how much respect do you think they will have towards an order placed by a judge an order doesnt make a difference especially when they know if the police are called they cant do anything other than suggest taking them back to court. Then if they move a lot, don’t have the child in school, and I’m sure have everyone convinced that it would be in the best interest of the child to have no contact with anyone in the other parents family you have to track them, get a court date, have them served for contempt and on and on. I mean they are charged with Capitol Murder.There are lots of us out there. Lord let’s just pray these people don’t know someone with enough money to buy them out of this or better yet a Judge that looks to God for guidance is placed over this case.

  • Who That? says:

    My heart goes out to this child this is so sad. I dont care what anyone say if the family really was concern sombody would have caught this abuse. Givin the unsable enviroment it should not have been hard to catch. These scum need to be locked up for good.

  • m2w says:

    What a horrible way for a child to live. There are people in this world that do not deserve the blessing of a child.

  • Melissa R says:

    welfare check???

  • Anonymous says:

    To everyone who believes when travesties like this occur that DHS is to blame, I have a friend that works for DHS and the general public could not fathom what they endure on a day to day basis. These individuals work in the harshest conditions and are vastly underpaid and by the comments on this board, abundantly under-appreciated. Many of the workers truly care for children in the state of Mississippi because if they did not, they wouldn’t do this occupation. Do you know the median income in the state of Mississippi is $35,000, did you know these individuals do these jobs, with post-secondary degrees and yet make less than $30,000 a year. Before you go on and make these wild atrocities of statements, remember one thing do you firmly believe you can walk a day in their shoes and endure the stress and anguish they encounter on a daily basis. I implore you to ponder if you could deal with seeing children that are abused and neglected and ask yourself do you think you could do this?

  • Valli saliba says:

    Hope they receive theirs in prison.

  • john hancock says:

    to DHS an GAL if really educated on signs of abuse on a child then did u forget the part in class about some children will not talk. but what about the bruises and not being fed did u not see as far as the pay did u get in this for the money find another job. HAVE A GOOD NITES SLEEP

    • YOU PEOPLE who are leaving mean comments need to know that this is THE COURTS FAULT!!!! In the name thof money, the greed of money, children who are in shared parenting every single day wind up in horrible cases like this….because the Alienating Parent brainwashes the child and everyone AROUND them to believe the loving Mother (or other parent) is abusive when the case is they are the abuser and dont want their x to reep anything. So the child pays. They can fool alot of people , make the Mother lose friends, when in truth, THEY ARE THE ALIENATOR!!!! ALIENATORS dont care if they are in contempt because the courts wont do a thing. WHY even pay for custody fight if this is the case? Its so ridiculous!

      • MS Sux! says:

        I agree with you. I’ve had experience helping my sis deal with MS DHS and MS court and they did nothing to protect her child who was basically kidnapped from Memphis and hidden all over MS by her abusive crack addict father. He brainwashed the child into keeping quiet and she ended up suicidal as a result. The laws are FKD UP in that backwards state… they protect abusive men…not children. Very sad that this child suffered so much with what sounds like no help from authorities. Shame on U MS!!!! Rest in Peace sweet angel.

  • The truth says:

    Y’all all need to shut up talking about Ashley she did try she called the police she tried to see them. The police to her it was a civil case and she would have to go to court. Ever think that Maybe she couldn’t pay for that? Ever think maybe she had two other children that she had to take care of and ever think that she couldn’t afford to go to jail for trespassing? Hmm? Ever think about all that! She did try! She tried her hardest to see them she did what she could. She tried she is a wonderful mother. So just stop! I mean honestly people don’t call her a bad mother she loves her babies.

    • austinandjustin says:

      For some reason being on the internet seems to bring out the worst in some people. I’m so sorry the boy’s mother is reading those vile comments somehow blaming her for son’s death. Please know that feeling, thinking people do no have those thoughts anywhere in their hearts or minds. We are so sorry for the senseless suffering and death of her son. My prayers are with you.

    • MS Sux! says:

      My heart goes out the mother. My sister is the mother of a child who was kidnapped by her father and hidden for months in MS. MS Police nor courts were help becuase he’d been in MS for 6 months so automatically established residency.. put the child in a school there and told school mother was not allowed to see her. Police ended up saying it was civil case and sis had to borrow money to fight in court but they didn’t care. Crack addict felons can stand up in court and lie and the judges in MS just turn a blind eye. Pitiful justice system that protects abusers not children. I am so sorry for this terrible loss. Prayers and Love to the mother, family and friends of this precious child. May you soon find peace in knowing he is no longer suffering.

    • Laura says:

      Just as an fyi, you don’t need a lawyer to go into family court…she could have filled out the paperwork herself and gone.

  • This what happens when you put your faith in the government to protect you and yours.

  • A Mother, A child says:

    I am amazed at how such a tragedy has provoked so many selfish comments- a moment of silence for the dearly beloved child who will never fall in love or get married or share his first kiss or make that one best friend that could have been his best man.

  • Pea Green says:

    There should be a special enclosure for all child abuse folks. Men and women should be made to live together and just let them kill each other. I cannot believe the amount of “parents” who have been abusing and killing their own kids. Sick ba**ards need burned at the stake.

  • Bud says:

    This entire story is deeply disturbing on so many levels. I have no idea why the mother did not have the child or why she did not see him on a regular basis. I went through a divorce and I saw my kids every other weekend and stayed in touch all through the week. Her case may have had circumstances surrounding it that made it difficult for her. Maybe this monster of a so called Dad kept moving so she could not find him. It is hard to know. What I do know is that a child is innocent and vulnerable and when you have them it is your job as a parent to provide for them and protect them, not to treat them like this. I keep thinking this child looked in the face of the one that should love him more than life as he beat him and stuck cigarettes to his face. To think of the pain he endured is unimaginable to me. If you have a child, please take care of them! They did not ask to be brought into this world and it is your job as a parent to keep them safe as long as you can.

  • Gina says:

    There is too much of this going on. I think that all homeschooled children should be required to either attend an afterschool program or a mandatory reporter at least every six months. If the family hasn’t seen a child in more than a few months, they need to not just complain but YELL long and loud until someone in authority outside the house lays eyes on that child and determines their well being. Yes, it’s intrusive, but if you have done nothing wrong; then you have nothing to fear. The safety and well being of children override everything.

    Homeschooling is how kids get dropped from notice. (I’m NOT saying all homeschooling is bad, quite the contrary, but it does make it easier for things like this to happen).

    Poor little guy. This NEVER should have happened. This “father” needs to be put UNDER the jail and “homeschooled” until he dies.

    *grumble…an example of people who have kids and shouldn’t, while people who should, can’t)

  • Sioux Farmer says:

    There shouldn’t even be a bond set for this crime.

  • Heather Woods says:

    This isn’t true to all the ugly comments above and for the record Ashley the mother left the boys never contact tommy or Amanda bout the boys! Unless you know these two you shouldn’t slander them there is way more to the story than what is being told on the news I am one aunt two Tyler and I will miss him forever but his parents Amanda and tommy would never harm any child! Please don’t comment unless you know the situation!

    • The truth says:

      @ heather woods you need to sit down and shut the heck up bc guess what they did it. Guess what your wrong about Ashley she didn’t give up the boys she tried to see them she did try to call so you can go on somewhere with that mess. Ashely is a great momma and you need to get your facts straight before you go saying she didnt want her boys Mkay, because you are obviously crazy of you think she didnt want her kids, she loves them.

    • Catrice says:

      I was there nanny for 6 years and I considered them my babies, still do. I know part of the info that went on wit JT and Tyler and Ashley. I knew about the restraining order that was put on her and why it was put on her. Somewhere down the line I think Amanda gave up hope. I do know she tried her best and was trampled every time. I am not judging Ashley, or Amanda because as a mother it is hard. Amanda had to deal with enough stuff with Tommy constantly cheating, not wanting to help most of the time and They did not move around alot. Their number was the same. I am still deeply saddened by the situation and I just want to know if they are having a burial. If so can someone please let me know so I can say goodbye to him. You have no idea how bad this is tearing everyone up. Just offer your condolences and argue else where. The family needs peace.

  • Why are the bonds not $ 1 Million each? What happened with the other family members not reporting this isolation to the authorities? One phone call could have stopped this. If I were this child’s mother, grandmother, relative period, there is NOTHING that would have stopped me from getting to this little boy. WHY??

  • Brenda says:

    This is so heatbreaking these ppl needs to rot in HELL

  • Sherry Mcdonald says:

    Call 911 and request a well check, the police HAVE to go and physically see the person..

  • wow, they look like some real winners

  • Tony says:

    Jail would be too nice for these too monsters. They deserve to be brutally beaten and tortured. Anyone who treats a child or even a human being in this way has to regard for human life. In return, should be treated with the same inhumanity as they have shown. You simple minded people sit here and put in your two cents and point the finger trying to determine what someone should have done in this type of scenario. Unfortunately the reality of this situation is that this happens all too often in our society, however, if the punishment for such a crime resulted in automatic death there would be much less of these types of horrific crimes. The real crime here is putting trailer trash like that in a federal institution where I have to pay to house them each year for the rest of their lives. I’m quite certain that anybody blogging will agree with me, that there is no rehabilitation that will every fix this type of evil mentality that clearly runs dominantly through their veins. Best to destroy it, before another child is robbed of their innocence.

  • Concerned says:

    I, too, have battled Mississippi’s DHS system, fighting for my grandson. His mother is a drug abuser. She is very convincing at how she is going to change when she is caught. Everytime she is off the hook, she goes back to her drugs…even at the
    risk of no money to feed her child. The last time we called DHS, they told her everything we said!! Not supposed to do that? Yeah, I know; but do you think they do anything about it? No!! The goal of DHS is to reunite the family. If they can clean the parent up long enough to pass their tests, the child goes back home. Yes we have called several times since, and nothing is done. The school calls us because Mom is never available; usually passed out…and nothing is done for the child. He is grounded from us as punishment when he misbehaves, etc. A sad situation. All we can do is pray. BTW, for others in a similar situation and can’t afford an attorney, look for free legal aide..it is out there!!

  • Becky says:

    No one to hug and kiss him and tell him he’s loved, no one to protect him. There is no telling how long this went on. ** I am trying to get in touch with anyone that reported this family to either dhs or the police dept. I pray that the evidence and court system are enough to take care of,the accused monsters, nothing legally would provide the justice Tyler deserves. I also have heard of several people that requested dhs and/or the police on this family and nothing was done. I know of an investigative reporter that would like to get involved, please help!!? If you respond I’ll get you her name and email address. Please!

  • New them both says:

    First let me say, let’s not pass judgement until the autopsy has been completed. I used two know both Tommy and Amanda very well. The biological mother is not all what see is displaying. The poor isolated parent so innocent and loving. Because she’s not. She lost custody for a reason and she knows why. When I new Amanda and tommy they wee both very caring and loving people. I’ve personally seen Amanda with her first two children and as a single mom she was absolutely loving, adoring and attentive. Tommy on the other hand I knew one on one. He was never abusive an matter of fact helped me out of an abusive relationship. We don’t know all the facts yet. I will wait till everything has been completed before I cast stones. From the looks at Amanda drugs may have been a factor which is know excuse.

  • Frustrated says:

    @Michelle – it is so sad to see how incredibly judgemental you are, given circumstances you obviously know nothing about. Lesson #1 – There is always more to the story than what you read in the news. Lesson #2 – The news may not have all of the facts accurate. So unless you are an investigator working this case or a family member that lived in that house, the only thing you can know as a fact is that you don’t know all the facts.

  • The other step aunt says:

    @Michelle. I am another step aunt. I was married to the mothers stepbrother. How dare you? I have sat and read everyone blame an point fingers at everyone in this case. I wonder what kind of thought came into play before you decided it was in good conscious to do so? Stop showing ignorance by responding when the actual situation is not known to you. The mother did try to see her son but was denied plus never helped by proper law enforcement. I haven’t seen Tyler since ~2010 but I am still haunted by this whole case. I can only phathom how his mother feels. It’s downright rude and malicious to be so rude at a time like this. Shame on you!!

  • JEWLZZZ says:

    @joe don’t make everyone suffer with your stupidity.
    As far as anyone who even thought maybe something was wrong including the gutless egg donor YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF MURDER YOU BOTTOM FEEDING COWARDS!!!!!!!!

  • austinandjustin says:

    You are wrong; and there is no excuse for your behavior. The boy’s bio mother wasn’t allowed to see her son. She tried, but the way the system works she was denied. Now her son is dead and you want to put blame on her? She did not abuse her son. She was denied access to her son because she would have put a stop to that abuse. The boy’s father and stepmom are to blame.

  • Catrice says:

    Carmen I know these ppl and his bio mother gave him up at birth because Amanda was pregnant with Jack other baby which is a girl at the same time. Since I have known them (8 yrs) I have never seen his bio mother but she would see him on holidays and birthdays.

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