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Meet Furry Friend Picasso, Help Him To Find His Forever Home!

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Today's Furry Friend is 13-year-old Picasso!

Picasso is an older dog who lived a long time with his owner, but unfortunately he was given up to the Humane Society when his owner had to go into long-term care and couldn't take his dog.

Picasso is a Cocker Spaniel, who loves people and other dogs.

He's very friendly, and in fact, hangs out at the receptionist's desk at the Humane Society and greets everyone who comes in!

He's so sweet!!

If you think Picasso is perfect for your family, please go visit him at the Humane Society on Farm Road here in Memphis.

Picasso's adoption fee is $75 and that includes his neutering, vaccines and microchip!

Picasso's ID:  21983408


  • Memphis Shelby County Humane Society
  • 901-937-3900


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  • upaces88

    Awwww….I already have 3 dogs that sleep with me (yes! very crowded).
    I have Delilah (100 lb Rottie)

    Mike-S Springer Spaniel mix someone left tied up on my front porch;
    and now, Lola, a Yorkie (and by the way? She IS the boss). She beats up on my Rottie!

    I do hope this fur baby finds a good home.

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