Informed Sources: Going To Pot

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(WREG-TV) Congressman Steve Cohen and State Senator Ophelia Ford made news this week for their favorable views of legalizing, or at least de-criminalizing, marijuana.

Is Tennessee ready for this kind of talk, or is it likely to go up in smoke?


  • Monica Boyd

    Colorado and other states are making good revenue from it. All the money they would make off the tax could help our economy therefore lower what the citizens have to pay in property tax. Also cigarettes , alcohol and prescription drugs are more harmful and addictive than marijuana

  • Joe

    quite a trade off…..stoners at work…..and more addicts and health issues created chasing the almighty tax dollar

    and all at the expense of the poor and ignorant

    cohen and ford should know……their constituents sell most of it now

  • George Stevens

    I do not understand why everyone’s against it. Alcohol is legal but that doesn’t mean everyone will go to work drunk. Same thing for marihuana..if TN decides to legalize it does not mean that everyone will go to work high. Same thing with driving. There is a way to detect if someone’s under the influence of marihuana. Everyone else is just afraid to admit that weed should be legalized, while everyone else opposes. More and more states will start to legalize it once they see everyone else legalizing it and watching other cities thrive off the revenue. Just wait on it.

  • Kevin

    nobody is complaining about it except the old folks and the ignorant folks that have no idea what pot is and are going by what other ignorant people have told them ….

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