Winter Storm Watch Downgraded to Winter Weather Advisory

Posted on: 7:11 pm, February 8, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:07pm, February 10, 2014

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(Memphis) The National Weather Service removed the Winter Storm Watch from the Mid-South and issued a Winter Weather Advisory for several counties in Arkansas and North Mississippi.

Memphis, Shelby County and Desoto County are no longer under any watch, warning or advisory.

Here is the latest from the National Weather Service:

Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect from 6 pm this evening to noon cst Tuesday.

 -    Snow and sleet accumulations: 1 inch to locally 2 inches.

 -    Ice accumulations: less than one tenth of an inch.

 -    Timing: tonight through noon cst Tuesday.

 -    Impacts: winter precipitation may impact travel across the Mid-South.

 Precautionary/preparedness actions:

A Winter Weather Advisory means that periods of snow, sleet, or freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and limited visibilities and use caution while driving.

You can find the latest closings information here.


  • joe says:

    Another DOOM DOOM DOOM prediction that will amount to nothing and cause mass panic in the grocery store.

    • nick gerz says:

      Austin’s good at predicting the apocalypse any time a dark cloud approaches! you keep on crying wolf, and you see why people don’t take the warnings seriously

  • John John says:

    If you are mad at the WX men because they dont give you what you want, ie, (great northern snows). Take your arse north and enjoy the 5 feet of snow on the ground in Northern Michigan.

    • Bobo the Clown says:

      John, my arse always enjoyed the aftermath of a big bowl of Great Northern Beans and cornbread. Gotta hand it to you Yanks. That’s some good eatin’!!! :-)

  • cathrins buford says:

    We shell see what the out come will be

  • a concerned citizen says:

    Not again

  • Winna says:

    This won’t be a dusting. Trust me. Also all these northerns should try dealing with 110 heat index throughout the summer

  • Aha! says:

    Can’t wait to get all excited about another bout of winter weather that will not happen!

  • Joe Censored says:

    Here they go again… Tabloid weather journalism 101… When it does not pan out, simply blame it on the NWS.

    These weather guys are laughable. Trust me, all of us “Yankees” laugh at you guys.

    Wolf Wolf Wolf!!!

  • JC says:

    Why does it have to be a north south thing. I’m from the north, the weather persons there are just as clueless as they are here. Let’s try to remember that the are reading the weather not creating. Fellow northerners, if you think your so much better than everyone else try acting like it and be civil.

  • Bobo the Clown says:

    Hey y’all… Come on now… This one’s gonna be different! He said so.
    It’s gonna come barreling down from the north, take a dip in the Gulf, pick up a load-O-moisture and drop it everywhere except Memphis, then wreak havoc on the New England area.
    Oh wait! — It’s followed that exact same pattern for the last 150 years!
    Never mind…

  • Bobo the Clown says:

    @ Joe: “Yeah you southerners sure handled the heat index during the Civil War when we KICKED YOUR BUTTS”

    But dude — that was BEFORE you guys invented global warming! Now, try it! LOL ;-)

  • tonya h says:

    It is a watch not a warning. It’s not 100% we will get the winter stuff. We will just have to wait and see what mother nature wants to do. These weather guys can’t predict what mother nature is going to do.

  • joe says:

    if the sidewalks are covered in snow how is AC Wharton’s sidewalk thug patrol going to enforce the law?

  • al says:

    This is so sad. It seems now Americans are arguing over the weather! It’s bad enough you can’t talk about politics without making someone mad, now you’re arguing over the weather??!!! It really doesn’t take much to bring out the worst in people.

    • Bobo the Clown says:

      Awww lighten up Al! We’re not feudin. Just havin’ a light hearted bak-n-forth. We all love each other here in the Kingdom of 3.
      You ain’t mad is ya bro? :-)

  • Bobo the Clown says:

    Does anyone have any milk and other stuff that will spoil that I could borrow when the power goes out for a week? I can’t go to the grocery store madness fest `cause I used the last of my gas to keep the still running in the shed behind our trailer. Both of my mom’s would have my hide if that thing quit!

  • Bobo the Clown says:

    “The weather service removed all of West Tennessee, including Memphis, from the watch area. Earlier, the NWS had forecast the possibility of three or more inches of snow for the metro area. Now it says there is still uncertainty as to how much snow will fall in southwest Tennessee, including Memphis.”

    I refer you all to the post @ 2:28pm

    Bwwaaaaa Hahahahahaha

  • joe says:

    Oh no DOOM averted!!! Don’t worry there’ll be another fake one in a week.

  • Aesop Bueler says:

    It will only snow in Memphis when they say it’s going to be sunny and bright!

  • smith says:

    who watches new 3 weather anyway.

  • jeremy says:

    Soooo……We are like 2 for 10 in predicting these winter storms. I knew tornadoes were unpredictable, Didnt know snow was too…

  • jage says:

    From a Sardis, MS native who lives in the north. FYI- The weather guessers here aren’t any better than in the Mid-South. A day in July ’13 brought this prediction in Mass;

    “Sun and clouds with a chance of rain.”

    Really? That is your forecast? What else COULD happen in July?
    HTG, heard it on TV and played back on the DVR to make sure I heard correctly.

  • Preston Babcock says:

    Defund the NWS! Seriously! How did they gov’t layoffs miss these guys?

    • George Brown says:

      They didn’t. The NWS has lost many employees and often forecasting is done from far away.

      • Bobo the Clown says:

        George! You mean the weather is being imported from China & Mexico too?!?!?! Who’d-a-thunk it? :’(

  • Curious says:

    Clown Bobo what is Your weather rock predicting yo night ?Bobo

  • Aha! says:

    Idiot! The South was broke. That is why the Union troops were able to defeat the Confederates.

  • Joe Censored says:

    Kicked their butts royally!!!

    I have a confederate civil war rifle for sale… Never fired… only dropped once. Make an offer.

  • Bobo the Clown says:

    @Joe Censored: You may want to take a closer look at that rifle. It sounds French to me!

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