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Photos: Snow Arrives In The Mid-South

(WREG-TV) Snow made its way to the Mid-South Friday evening..

Areas along and north of I-40 saw an inch or a little more.

Memphis mostly saw little more than a dusting.

The NWS thinks there was about an inch of snow south of I-40.

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  • Don

    Be sure to watch the drivers in Memphis, they can’t drive in a dusting of snow. Slow down and stay about six seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you. at 40 MPH. Count- one second, two seconds two. three seconds three, etc etc etc.

    • daisy

      People in this town can’t drive on a sunny day. Throw a little snow down and they really freak out. Thank goodness I got milk and bread. Nothing like a milk sandwich on a cold snowy day. Lol.

  • marie mcclaine

    The NE period gets all the REAL snow!!! im talking new england. iv never seen so many inept drivers who freak out at the sight of just rain. its so comical but theyr the ones we have to really watch cuz their also busy talking and texting….dangerousixture

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