Sen. Ophelia Ford Sponsors Medical Marijuana Bill

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(Nashville, TN) Senator Ophelia Ford, who is from Memphis, is co-sponsoring a bill to allow the sale and use of medical marijuana in Tennessee.

This means there is a bill in both the Senate and House in Tennessee.

Knoxville representatives Gloria Johnson and Joe Armstrong have also joined as co-sponsors.

The bill is named after a Tennessee family that recently moved to Colorado so their young daughter could use marijuana to ease severe seizures.

The family says the use in Colorado has eased their daughter's condition.


    • Observant citizen

      To all you liberal losers. I hope all of your kids end up on drugs. Start with marijuana and end on heroin. The mindset of this sorry country is NO LIMITS. Anything I want to do is A OK. The first loser who puts a joint in their mouth and lights it in front of my kid is gonna get something else in it, my fist!

      • nick gerz

        i guess i’m just a late bloomer, iv’ed used pot since the 70’s and i never thought of heroin, quit relying on 60’s dragnet episodes for your information

      • Observant citizen

        Honey this is your mother calling. I had a wonderful time sitting at the bus stop today sitting between two scumbags smoking weed with it blowing in my face. After they got stoned they both groped me. I so agree with you about legalizing it. Can’t wait until they move in next door and are selling it all day and night with scumbags coming in and out all hours of the day and night. Of course they won’t sell it on the streets on the black market for half the price of dispensaries. I bet the soldiers that died for this cess pool nation are rolling over in their graves! God help us.

  • Tack

    I’m all for decriminalization of pot….. but it doesn’t help when Ophelia Ford is the spokeperson! Now if she can just get Janis Fullilove on board it would be a dream ticket for the ignorant Memphis crowd!

  • Joe Censored

    When did this one get out of the looney bin??? Another whacky Ford??? Shocking!!! These people are a combo of ghetto trash/trailer park trash all in one!!!

    Memphis Representing!!!

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