Officer Found Not Guilty Of Harassment

(Memphis) The officer accused of calling the police dispatch center to get a man’s personal cellphone number so he could threaten him has been found not guilty of harassment.

Michael Montgomery said Officer Darrell Malone was driving recklessly on his motorcycle, and even flashed a gun at him, in 2012.

Malone was accused of getting Montgomery’s phone number from 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice, after Montgomery called 911 for help.

A call made to dispatch by Malone was played in court Wednesday.

Dispatch: Hi this is Jenny.

Malone: This is Officer Malone. Hey, did some guy call…about motorcycles on Germantown Parkway? What did he say, what was his complaint?

Dispatch: He said the guy flashed a gun…His name is Michael Montgomery.

Malone was fired by the Memphis Police Department in February, 2013.


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