Officer Found Not Guilty Of Harassment

Posted on: 3:21 pm, February 6, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:47pm, February 6, 2014

(Memphis) The officer accused of calling the police dispatch center to get a man’s personal cellphone number so he could threaten him has been found not guilty of harassment.

Michael Montgomery said Officer Darrell Malone was driving recklessly on his motorcycle, and even flashed a gun at him, in 2012.

Malone was accused of getting Montgomery’s phone number from 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice, after Montgomery called 911 for help.

A call made to dispatch by Malone was played in court Wednesday.

Dispatch: Hi this is Jenny.

Malone: This is Officer Malone. Hey, did some guy call…about motorcycles on Germantown Parkway? What did he say, what was his complaint?

Dispatch: He said the guy flashed a gun…His name is Michael Montgomery.

Malone was fired by the Memphis Police Department in February, 2013.


  • Memp Pride says:

    We will be reading about him again. It’s just a known fact they action to repeat it self.

  • Memp Pride says:

    they = that

  • grayhawk says:

    Give this Officer his job back plus back pay he just doing his job.

    • Nonya Bidness says:

      Thank goodness he was fired and you are too illiterate to be in charge of a one car funeral!

  • kay says:

    I am a little surprised he was acquitted, he will be back in the news, no doubt.

  • Brenda Bucks says:

    he is a cocky lil dude. This city is sorry.

  • David Carter says:

    Michael Montgomery appears to be an overly sensitive wimp. Officer Malone should get his job back with full back pay. Malone should sue Montgomery.

  • OFFICER Chuck Norris says:

    This cop is a disgrace to the oath to serve and protect.

  • Free Thinker says:

    How the f*** could they find him not guilty? Frikkin holster sniffers.

  • This story doesn’t make any mention to the meat of the headline. I am interested to know how and why. Channel 3 strikes again

  • Free Thinker says:

    Injustice System @ work. Don’t call the police unless there’s a body. Avoid them at all costs. Video record them when you do have an encounter. At least your family can sue for millions after they kill you.

    They can beat you, shoot you, and kill you with impunity. The rate that they get away with abuse and murder is very near 100%. They are almost never brought to justice. Don’t believe me? Spend some time looking into it. Search YouTube for videos of abuse. There are hundreds of thousands of results.

  • Really? says:

    To be found guilty of harassment, the jurors would have to hear a harassing phone call from Officer Malone to Mr. Montgomery. Obviously, the prosecutor didn’t have any proof of a harassing phone call. Jurors can’t decide a guilty verdict based on an assumption, they need hard core facts. Kudos, to the jurors for the not guilty verdict. The justice system is not a tabloid media circus, there are real lives at stake.

  • Hard Truths says:

    Police perjury is a way of life at 201.

  • The End says:

    Somebody will take him out for him acting above the law

  • Tack says:

    To those calling for him to get his job back…. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! He called dispatch and asked if they got any calls about motorcycles on Germantown Road. That is an abuse of power right there! Why would he call and ask that if they weren’t riding like a**holes and upsetting people? Nobody calls the cops on bikers riding properly and safely in traffic. They call because they are weaving in and out of traffic, gunning engines, popping wheelies, and showing off.

    Just because you are a police officer doesn’t mean you get special treatment. As a former…. you should lead by EXAMPLE! Not by POWER!

  • Hard Truths says:

    He is typical of the SORRY cops recruited on Herenton’s watch.

    EVERY Herenton hire needs to be scrutinized for dishonesty and incompetence.

    This guy should NEVER be a cop ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN.

  • Hard Truths says:

    I just KNOW this was an OJ/Zimmerman-type jury.

    They acquitted him for being black.

    This verdict is just sickening. This verdict is RACIST.

    That sleazy thug needed to go behind BARS.

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