Family Fights Over MLK Jr’s Heirlooms

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(Atlanta, GA) The fighting between members of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. family continues.

Bernice King said her brothers want to see Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize and a Bible he often carried among with others items in his estate.

“I am standing with her [Bernice] because I do believe we can’t have a sale to the highest bidder with those family heirlooms,” said Dr. Alveda King told media.

Alveda King is one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s nieces.

Martin King, III and Dexter King are executors of the King estate.

According to the complaint, on Jan. 22, the majority of the board of directors voted for Bernice King to return those to the King Estate.

The family has a history of in-fighting over items owned by the King estate and wanting to sell or license those items.



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