East High Students Say Security Cameras Are Up

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(Memphis) East High students said administrators spent Thursday installing security cameras around the basement.

That's where sources told WREG were having sex and doing drugs.

"What think about that? Kids want to do things. They want attention," said one student.

East High seniors say the basement was the school's "dirty little secret."

"I can't comment on that, I wasn't a witness. I just hear about it," said a senior student.

They weren't surprised the district admitted findings condoms in what the school calls a mechanical/storage area.

Someone with access to the area sent pictures of used condoms and drug paraphernalia to WREG last week.

WREG showed them to Shelby County Schools administrators, who still won't say if the pictures are from the school.

After a week of dodging questions, Wednesday night the district admitted it found condoms, and the school is adding more security cameras and locks.

WREG asked to see them.

The communications team would only release this statement: "As a safety measure, we do not allow access to security systems in schools, as it would compromise the safety of students and staff."

Students said you can't miss the new cameras.

"They secured everything," said a student.

WREG put in a request Thursday morning to speak to Superintendent Dorsey Hopson.

We are still waiting to hear back.

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