Weather Plaguing Roads With Hundreds of Potholes

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(Memphis) This cold snap is causing hundreds of dangerous potholes on the roads and highways.

The heavy rain and bitter cold is keeping TDOT crews busy around the clock.

Potholes popped up by the hundreds across the Mid-South, causing traffic delays and road hazards.

"It's making you go from lane to lane," said one driver.

TDOT started repairing highways Wednesday.

Crews drove down I-40 looking for holes. They patched one, jumped back on the truck, and drove until they found another.

They're laying a rock mixture to ease some of the pain on the highway.

TDOT says they will come back to some of the spots in the Spring and lay cement.

They are trying to repair as many as they can before more rain and snow heads our way Thursday.

Crews said they've never seen this many potholes in one winter, and they're afraid it's going to get worse when the roads thaw out this Spring.

TDOT said there are no budget concerns right now.

However, overtime hours have been used.

If you want to report a pothole on the interstate, call TDOT at 731- 935-0194.

If you want to report a pothole on the city and county roads:

Memphis: 901-636-6500
Shelby County: (901) 222-2300
DeSoto County: (662) 469-8025

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