Candy Lady Robbed By Repeat Customer

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(Memphis) A Frayser man is in jail, accused of robbing the neighborhood candy lady.

Police say Bobby Lynn and an accomplice barged into her house, pushed her husband on the floor, and robbed them, even with children around.

The Garrett family says they knew these guys, they had sold them candy countless times before, but this time they came armed with a gun and with their mind on money and honey buns.

“This was honey buns, but they got them last night,” said LaFrancis Garrett.

LaFrancis Garrett and her husband Lemorris are retired.

Selling candy and even giving it away to neighborhood children is a labor of love.

“They are always telling us, ‘Hey! I just love coming down here!’ because we talk with them, interact with them and they always say ‘I love to come to you! You’re so nice!’” said LaFrancis.

But Tuesday, two of their regular customers knocked one the door and wouldn't look Mr. Garrett in the eye.

“My husband says when he looked out the window, they had their faces turned,” said La Francis.

“He knocked on the door,” said LeMorris. “I thought they were coming to buy candy and he pushed me down and he had a gun in his hand and said was there anybody else in the house,” said Lemorris.

“I heard my daughter tell him get down get down when I heard that, I shut the door back up and I locked it and I immediately called 911,” said LaFrancis.

While LaFrancis stayed on the phone with police, she says the robbers pointed a gun at her 5-year-old grandson, emptied her husband's pockets and took honey buns and chips and any change on the table they could find.

“He told my daughter if anybody comes out of that door, he was going to kill them,” said LaFrancis.

While LaFrancis stayed locked in her bedroom, the robbers eventually took off, but one of them within minutes was caught because LaFrancis had called police.

Eighteen-year-old Bobby Lynn is now in jail, charged with aggregated robbery

“The other guy, who they have not caught, he would come down here every day with his little sister,” said LaFrancis.

A repeat customer whom the Garrett family hopes to never see again

“Did you feel like you could die that day?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah, I really did,” said Lemorris.

Yet the Frayser neighborhood candy shop is still open.

“Even though they did what they did,” said LaFrancis. “But this time, we are going to be more aware.”

Lefrancis says she says happy to still sell candy for pennies and if she has to, give honey buns away free.

‘They didn't have to put a gun on us to get it,” said LaFrancis.

Lynn is being held on a $75,000 bond. His accomplice, who is still out there, is apparently just 15 years old.


  • joe

    Another prime example of the 16.7% of the TN population who commit 64.4% of the robberies.

    HatesElvis’s kids.

      • Little Detroit

        Come to Frayser, and take in all the sights. See the bums urinate on the curbs.. Watch drug sales on the street corner. Wave to the hookers with long nails and purple hair. Pick you up a 24 ounce of malt liquor and some pork skins. Buy cigarettes by the cigarette, not the pack. Admire the rampant trash on the streets and in front of houses. Tour one of the many foreclosed homes and be sure to leave before dark..

  • not sure

    I just know the prisoners on the cell block love this guy, they may even give him a shower room party where he will be the Hunny bun.

  • Don

    Don’t worry about who got away, the one who got arrested is going to sing, He is not going to go down by himself. There is a dude in jail who is known as Tyrone and he likes little boys girls. I under stand he has a way to make him cry, and he will talk.

  • joe

    Who can steal your goodies
    And laugh at you with glee
    Who can point a gat at you and rob from you and me
    Obama’s kids…Obama’s kids can
    Obama’s kids can ’cause they think they are entitled to all that’s goooood…

  • tashaisadumbape

    Dude? Robbing good prople helping kids? Now you just like the smelly cave beast when he went around colonizing and creating havoc. Sad sad sad good job police. The guy to dangerous and foolish on the streets

  • leavingheresoon

    Their reasoning, “You know who has to have at least two bucks just lying around in plain view? ”

    LOL. Big money.

  • Ric

    We had a candy lady on our block back in the 70s/80s and they were the nicest people ever. People who do this, do it because they love kids and enjoy having them around.
    I know blacks don’t want to hear this but What The Fuck is wrong with your people? Stop acting like its no big deal, blaming everyone but the person responsible for its actions, Take Responsibility. I know your people are hurting for some reason? Who knows why? I bet they don’t even know why! But stop Blaming YT. The actions of the black community as a whole is the reason why whites, Latinos, Asians, Indians, and ALL other Races is tired of your shit, tired of the whining, tired of the gimmes, tired of the Crime, just Fed Up period. If the attitude doesn’t change soon it will only get worse, not for us, but YOU!

    • Mnyama

      Annd… just how would I take responsibility for some random kid on the other side of town? I have younger siblings and nieces. The best I can do is taue responsibility for them and make sure that they dont hit you over the head. Just how do you propose I just go to some folks house and assume responsibility for their kids? I work and make a living just like YT. Even though I’m from Orange Mound, my folks took responsibility for me and put me through college and grad school. We exist just like you do. I dont have any extra time or resources to go “assuming” responsibility for vast swaths of Memphis any more than you do. If I were to quit working to to so I’m certain youd be the first to speak out against me getting some sort of assistance for food, utilities and/or health care…

      • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

        @Mnyama and @Ric, I agree with you whole heartedly. Just to add to this, I believe when you read what Ric wrote, if the shoe fits. because just like Mnyama, I am agreeing with you too. But the irresponsible individuals are the ones Ric are address. And he is absolutely right!!

  • Michael

    Not the point of the story and I’m glad they caught this guy, but why would people buy candy from this lady rather than go to a corner store to buy it? Where does she get the candy? People knock on their door to buy candy? I have so many questions about this.

    • Nonya Bidness

      Because there are no corner stores left in these neighborhoods. The same thugs that robbed this illegal store also robbed the legal stores out of business.

      It’s their culture, like locusts, leave nothing in their wake.

      • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

        @nonya…are you next? is your neighborhood, city, county, next? I feel sorry for you. Pack your bags and start moving now….they are on the way…run,,run for your life.

    • Mnyama

      There are several stores in the city that sell candy in bulk. People buy it and resell it from their homes – usually old ladies who need money but cant work. Ive also known others who are jobless and sell candy, frozen treats called “freeze cups” as well as hot items. Believe it or not, all neighborhoods dont have convenience stores or restaurants readily accessible. My mom let me go to the candy lady because she didn’t want me walking the distance to the store. It was safer and people could keep an eye out for us better…

  • Plowboy

    If the savages can’t eat it, can’t sit or sleep on it, can’t screw it, then they’ll shit on it. Complete savages

  • Canwealljustgetalong

    The racism is real on here……it is sickening and really not called for. I will pray for you all.

  • Mnyama

    Folks… the candy lady business is lucrative in poor neighborhoods. Ive known some of these folks to pull down anywhere from $400-$800 per day if they were selling the right thing in the right place. Some people sell nachos, turkey legs, BBQ, sodas, hot dogs and other items. People in the hood go to these places just like you would McDonald’s. I know one man who sells hot plates on Sunday evenings. You can get it to go or sit in his living room or side yard and eat for $8. The people are lined up and drive over at about noon because they know he will have plates ready. Its another “hood venture” folks use to support themselves and make ends meet. The candy lady in my youth sold enough candy to remodel her house , sell it then move to California. That was 40 years ago. I never saw or heard from her ever again.

  • shaydee locust

    @ ric you are as dumb as the words you speak. You and the rest dont have to play the race card. Did yo mama teach you how to hate? Everyone is in for a very rude awakening! God is tired of all of it. And before it’s all over with you need to pray and ask for forgiveness.

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