Winter Weather Causes Problems For Tipton County

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(Tipton County) The trees glistening with ice looked almost magical, but the dangers soon came to light Tuesday afternoon in Tipton County.

Drivers dodged tree limbs that crashed on roadways.

Fifteen roads around the county were shut down after limbs were brought down by ice.

"Trees were falling, the whole area is in really bad shape," Atoka resident William Campbell said.

Many of those trees fell onto power lines, cutting off power for 10,000 people in the area.

"Still no power. Still waiting," Campbell said.

Tipton County schools let out early and canceled classes for Wednesday.

While most places went dark, business didn't stop at Sparky's Spirits in Atoka.

Using flashlights and a portable heater, they kept the doors open.

"It has been pretty steady. People don't want to get stuck home with nothing to drink," owner Brett pickard said.

Many are stuck home gearing up for the chilly night ahead..

"Lots of blankets and kerosene heater that will do us good," Campbell said.

Meanwhile, crews worked tirelessly in the rain to get the power back on for this cold night.

The Director of the Tipton County Office of EMA said eight of the 15 closed roads are back open.

The office received about 100 calls related to the weather Tuesday, but there were no reported injuries.


  • Scott

    Like thousands of others we still don’t have electricity but we will survive.
    I just want all the linemen and all the sheriff and police departments to
    know you are appreciated very much!

  • Don

    I have a Drummonds address, however I haven’t had any trouble with electricity,
    I often wonder why the electric companies don’t have someone to watch for trees that may be suspect problems on the ROW’s and clear the large limbs and trees that tend to lean over the wires. I think it would save a lot of grief for the customers and overtime for the company. and road closings and danger for the motorists.
    Just a little country thinking.

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