Pass It On: Bus Stop BFFs

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(WREG-TV) In this week's Pass It On, we meet a playmaker who's unlike anyone we've ever met.

She barely has two quarters to rub together herself, but never even gave us a hint about her situation - all she could think about was helping a friend who needs our $600 gift more than she does.

When playmaker Krystal Smith suggested we meet near the corner of Trigg and Lauderdale in South Memphis, we figured it must be close to the recipient's house.

Well, that was one reason...but we also learned that's where Krystal is dropped off after riding a MATA bus for about an hour from Midtown.

Richard: "Hey Krystal. How are you?"

Krystal: "Good. How are you doing?"

Richard: "Alright. Why don't we first explain why you're meeting us at a bus stop?"

Krystal: "We're going to pass it on to an elderly lady that is in need. Maybe she can buy some groceries or pay a bill."

An elderly lady and friend of 15 years named Ula Bowden, who recently had two knee replacements and doesn't get much help from family.

Richard: "How'd you come to meet her?"

Krystal: "I met her on the bus."

Richard: "That's why we're meeting you here? Is the bus is your only source of transportation?"

Krystal: "Yes, sir. I ride the bus also.

Richard: "And I had no idea when we set this up that you were riding the bus to meet us."

Krystal: "Yes, sir."

Krystal's been doing a lot for Ula lately.

"She's someone I can talk to and she calls me to do things for her. Maybe go to the grocery store or do errands for her and I do it for her," Krystal said.

That's right. She takes two buses to South Memphis so she can take two more to the closest grocery store, and then back.

Roundtrip? About three hours.

Richard: "Alright Krystal, let's get out of this cold and give you $600."

Krystal: "Thank you."

When we ask Krystal how Ula will respond, she said, "She might kill me. (laugh) I don't know yet."

There's only one way to find out.

As we walk up to Ula's place, she's just opening the door to see what has her dog so excited.

"Where you going? Coming out for a quick minute?"

Ula can't believe Pass It On is at her doorstep.

Krystal starts counting off the Benjamins: 300 from WREG and 300 more from our Collierville couple who anonymously matches dollar-for-dollar every week.

"Five, six (laugh)... praise Jesus. Thank you."

It was a cold day that warmed up very quickly for all of us.

"It felt great. It's a blessing whenever you can do something for somebody," Krystal said.


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