Mother And Three Children Robbed At Gunpoint In Frayser Apartment

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(Memphis) A masked man holds a mother and her three babies at gunpoint inside their Frayser apartment.

Investigators said the man pointed a semi-automatic at the family as he went through the mother's purse.

"He took what he too. How do we know he wasn't going to shoot them anyways?" said Betty Moton.

Because her daughter and grandchildren's lives were threatened, she wants to keep their identities hidden.

"There's a possibility she couldn't even live to see today," said Moton.

Moton said a the man broke into her daughter's Ridgecrest Apartment Monday night, and while pointing the gun in her daughter's face, he yelled, "It's tax time! Where's the money?"

The police report says the robber then forced her and her three children, all younger than 3 years old, on the ground and took $200.

"I don't think they know what's going on. The only thing they know, they were laying down on the floor, because someone told them to lay down," said Moton.

Before the robber got away, he apparently told them he would come back and kill them if they called the cops.

Now Moton's daughter is afraid to go back, terrified he saw police in her apartment.

Moton said Ridgecrest Apartments won't let the family break their lease or move them into a new place. It's against their policy.

WREG called the apartments, but the manager told us she could not speak with the media.

Until the masked man is caught, Moton's daughter refused to go anywhere close to her apartment.

"She's not going back period. If she wants anything out of her apartment or home, I'll go. If I have to catch the bus to go to her apartment, I will do that," said Moton.

According to the police report, there is no detailed description of the robber.

Once caught, he will face aggravated assault and robbery.


  • Sherlock Holmes

    “According to the police report, there is no detailed description of the robber.”

    – I suggest, based upon the area of concern, based on statistics, based on logic and reason, that everyone start looking for a black male, age 15-25, as the culprit of this event.

    • HatesElvis

      Lol I see its a imposter on here, shame on you white people but I’m not surprised y’all been stealing ideas, land, names and all sorts of other stuff so I guess I should be flattered by the shameful attempt by a white man stealing my name….

    • David

      A robbery in Frayser…..Stop the presses. What’s next a shooting in Hickory Hill or Whitehaven. Black on Black crime is out of control. If you live in Frayser, Hickory Hill, Whitehaven, Binghampton, Downtown….you had better move out ASAP before you are the next victim.

      If you are new to this area: Germantown is a safe place to move to…but
      it is pricey. Do not be fooled by real estate agents. Memphis is dangerous and getting worse every month.

  • Tasha

    This is one sorry low life cowardly human being. This sorry dog robs a woman and her three babies, at gun point at that. If he felt so gangsta why not go after the drug dealers in the hood, surely they have more than 200.00.

  • whitecowardsaresubhuman

    To joke about this type of incident shows the person making the joke has no class whatsoever

  • joe

    16.7% of the Tennessee population, committing 56.6 percent of the homicide, 64.4 percent of the robberies, 41.3 percent of the aggravated assaults.

    • Earl

      Is there any wonder why whites are leaving Frayser, Hickory Hill, etc. and stores are closing in record numbers. National chain stores won’t no part of the hood thus no chain stores at the Hickory Ridge Mall. All that is left are wig stores, ebony jewelry, and a barber shop and some black men’s stores or two. The pizza extravaganza store closed after 6 months.

  • joe

    The snow beast isn’t the one turning Memphis into a massive sewer…when the last snow beast leaves who you gonna blame?

  • tashaisadumbape

    Poor misguided foolish snow beast joe are you really this dumb? Who blamed you snow beast for this fool robbing this family? Your statement alone shows the wickedness of your ilk. Memphis snow beast created the situation in this town and the minorties feel for the bull and did some self inflicted wounds . Its a complicated subject a bit to advanced for a Euro snow beast like you to understand and btw if YOU hate Memphis just leave whining like a woman.

  • Tasha

    Being that you just described your mama, its not my fault that blacks are running around Memphis like savages. Just like a black person, you would rather focus on useless subject matters then to focus on the real issues in the black community. It does not change the fact that blacks will be the death of a once thriving city.

  • walking in memphis

    Its a shame that in this day and time, we still have prejudice and hateful people in this world. I read the comments everyday and its the same people with the hateful comments. Why throw a rock and hide your hands, if you are proud to be racist why hide who you are. Yes, there is crime everywhere in Memphis, and some neighborhoods are worse than others but calling people out of their names will not help the situation. If Memphis is sooooooo bad why not leave to where you may think is a better place. All the people who think their race is so right may need to move to their own little island. So to those that get on here everyday just to put hateful remarks, we will continue to pray that your hearts melt and that your minds become clear.

    • Ethel

      Pray for the poor honest souls that live in the thug neighborhoods. They cannot let their children play outside because of the gunshots.
      Say another prayer for the victims of violent crime also..

  • B59

    Where is the sympathy at for this woman and her children. She was up and most likely getting those kids off to school and her to her job. It is NOT for you or I to judge whether the person was black, white, red, or green that did this crime to her and her family. Why doesn’t that Apartment Complex have camera’s? If they do, they need to start investigating that way. YES it is tax time but most people now days don’t carry a whole bunch of cash. I agree with the one comment above where they noted go rob the drug dealer they will have MORE funds than you can count. GEEZ, ALL the CRIME needs to STOP in this town and it would be a better place to live. If these young ones that are out doing this would of known what a good SPANKING was a few times and TOLD NO more often some of this would NOT even be happening. There is HUGE difference in correcting your kids and beating them. START the correcting back up and pop those butts and let them know who is the BOSS and this area will start to straighten up in time. Just saying.

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