Mother And Three Children Robbed At Gunpoint In Frayser Apartment

(Memphis) A masked man holds a mother and her three babies at gunpoint inside their Frayser apartment.

Investigators said the man pointed a semi-automatic at the family as he went through the mother’s purse.

“He took what he too. How do we know he wasn’t going to shoot them anyways?” said Betty Moton.

Because her daughter and grandchildren’s lives were threatened, she wants to keep their identities hidden.

“There’s a possibility she couldn’t even live to see today,” said Moton.

Moton said a the man broke into her daughter’s Ridgecrest Apartment Monday night, and while pointing the gun in her daughter’s face, he yelled, “It’s tax time! Where’s the money?”

The police report says the robber then forced her and her three children, all younger than 3 years old, on the ground and took $200.

“I don’t think they know what’s going on. The only thing they know, they were laying down on the floor, because someone told them to lay down,” said Moton.

Before the robber got away, he apparently told them he would come back and kill them if they called the cops.

Now Moton’s daughter is afraid to go back, terrified he saw police in her apartment.

Moton said Ridgecrest Apartments won’t let the family break their lease or move them into a new place. It’s against their policy.

WREG called the apartments, but the manager told us she could not speak with the media.

Until the masked man is caught, Moton’s daughter refused to go anywhere close to her apartment.

“She’s not going back period. If she wants anything out of her apartment or home, I’ll go. If I have to catch the bus to go to her apartment, I will do that,” said Moton.

According to the police report, there is no detailed description of the robber.

Once caught, he will face aggravated assault and robbery.


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