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MLGW Crews Battle Winter Weather

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(Shelby County) The rain fell late into night, covering everything with water and soaking up the soil until trees couldn't stand upright anymore.

Crews worked to removed a huge tree that fell across Collierville-Arlington road Tuesday.

If they weren't blocking roads, they were hitting something like a house that got grazed by a tree that looks like it came crashing from a neighbor's yard.

The wind and water pushed trees and people.

One man's car slid right off Germantown Parkway into a water-filled ditch

The rain has stopped, but the temperatures are dropping and everything is soaking wet.

It's a combination that could cripple the Mid-South, and anyplace where there's standing water.

"Should the temperatures continue to drop as is in the forecast, then we may have problems with some of the lines icing over and there's a possibilities the number of outages will increase."

MLGW crews were already out working Tuesday night for the damage from the wind and water, but it's the ice that formed just north of here that could creep up on us while we are sleeping.

"We have crews on standby ready, and they're going to be hitting the streets as quickly as we need them to be."