Librarian Rescues Couple From Burning Home

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(Horseshoe Lake, AR) Smoke filled the frosty air at a Horseshoe Lake home in Arkansas. The flames still crackled five days after the home was reduced to rubble.

The family who lived there escaped minutes before the fire engulfed their home.

“The yard was totally in flames and the back deck,” Jennifer Sexton said. “It had made it to the back wall of the house.”

Sexton works as the librarian at the Horseshoe Branch.

She was leaving for lunch when she saw her friend’s home on fire.

“I had just gotten off the phone with her before I left 'cause she wanted to borrow a book that I had at home and I knew she didn't know her house was on fire.”

Without thinking, she ran into the burning house to help.

"Her husband has some disabilities so I was trying to be calm with them and I said, 'I need you to put your jackets on, come outside with me please because there was a fire.'”

She said before they could get out, the windows started exploding.

“There were sliding glass doors to get to the outside and when glass gets hot it starts to move and you could see that and started to pop,” she said. “We kind of stopped on our way back out the door because he changed his mind about wanting to leave and you could hear the windows exploding.”

Within moments, the whole house was consumed by fire.

While the home was lost, the homeowners' lives were not.

Sexton’s just glad she was there to prevent tragedy.

“You just don't think about it. My friend was in that house and it was on fire and somebody had to get her out.”

Sexton believes the fire started in a burn barrel behind the home and somehow the fire spread to the home.


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