Ice Storm Leaves 6,000 Customers In Tipton County Without Electricity

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(Tipton County, TN) While we didn't have any major power outage, the same can't be said for some of our neighbors in Tipton County, Tenn.

Almost 6,000 customers lost electricity last night after ice-covered limbs brought power lines crashing down.

Power outages were reported across Tipton County after rain turned to ice Sunday night and Monday morning.

Temperatures didn't get above freezing Monday and people without electricity for warming, were getting frustrated.

In Munford, Tennessee Bobby Owen breaks up some ice-covered limbs scattered over his yard.

The Sunday night ice storm left a mess in Owen's yard and damaged most of the stately pine trees lining the front of his house.

"We've got huge limbs. We're probably going to have to get chain saws and cut some of the trees down. Some of them look like they're ruined this time," said Owen.

This makes the third time since Owen and his family moved into their home on Beaver Road,  that an ice storm has left them without electricity.

Owen says the power went off Sunday night, of all the times, during the Super Bowl football game between Seattle and Denver.

"Well, unfortunately we were pulling for Peyton Manning. And the second half started and Percy Harvin ran the kick-off back and right about the time he scored the touchdown the lights went off. So I said, 'well, maybe that's the way it was supposed to be, I wasn't supposed to watch that game," said Owen.

Crews with Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corp. have been working to restore power to 6,000 customers.

Monday afternoon that number was down to about eighteen-hundred.

Outages all across Tipton County were caused by ice-covered limbs crashing down on power lines.

Damage was especially heavy around Munford, Henning, and Drummonds.

As with most ice storms, however, utility crews often have until tree trimming crews can remove broken limbs,  so crews can safely replace lines and poles if need be.

The ice storm turned Super Sunday into a super nightmare for Margaret-Ann Mize, who lives just north of Munford.

"I couldn't make it to school this morning. I was supposed to be going to school in Ripley, but this morning all the trees limbs were still down," said Mize.

She and her family had to stay with relatives, but were hoping to have electricity back on by early Monday.

By noon, however, that hadn't happened and she began to realizes just how dependent she is on electricity.

"Cause if you don't have gas stoves and gas things and you run all on electric, then we can't cook, we can't do nothing. We're kind of just stranded here," said Mize.

To report an outage, call Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corp. at 1-888-440-1990.

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  • Arun Sagar

    My colleague James reports that there were much difficulty in removing the tree limbs, especially for the initial responders. But soon we could see vegetation management groups arriving and helping the Utility crew. I wonder if they could you some tools like or so to manage it more efficiently.

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