Horn Lake Considers New Used Car Ordinance

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(Horn Lake, MS) If you ask Terry Finch, things are looking much better in Horn Lake in the last several years.

”Yes, I think they are looking better. I like the way they’re cleaning up around here.”

That’s in part, because tougher, new zoning rules have cleaned things up, as city leaders work to get rid of businesses like used car lots with temporary buildings and just a couple of dozen cars.

”City ordinance requires it to be attached to a new car dealership” said Alderman Charlie Roberts, who would like to see new rules to let bigger businesses come in.

”I’d like to see, like Carmax and J.D. Byrider. It’d be nice to have a Landers or a Country Ford here.”

He says, Horn Lake has had some nibbles lately, but needs to change its ordinance to accommodate newer, bigger car businesses.

Truth is, more cars are sold in Horn Lake than any other DeSoto County city, but they’re sold at a wholesale auction business on Highway 51 which doesn’t contribute a cent to the city’s retail sales tax.

In fact, the owner of the auction business owns the huge City Auto dealership in Memphis, but Horn Lake’s rules prevent him from selling retail in the city.

Only one remains here, grandfathered , from the newer ordinance.

”The tax revenue would benefit the city as well off the sale of each and every automobile” explained Roberts.

And Finch says he’d like to have the convenience of not having to go out of town for a car.

”Yeah, I’d like to see one right here on the corner.”

Horn Lake’s planning director is comparing ordinances in other DeSoto cities to see which might best fit Horn Lake.