Germantown Parents And Students Attend Open House At Houston High

(Germantown, TN) Walk in the door at Houston High, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the welcome inside the high school.

Whether you’re into painting or protons, they put it all on display in a special open house from students from Germantown High School.

Will those students stay put at SCS or make the move to the city’s new school district?

“I would love to go to Germantown but I think Houston is a pretty good school.”

“When I started seeing the arts and all the sports, it really made me want to come here.”

MAny parents were still on the fence – should they buy into the city’s promises of a better school district, or leave their kids in their neighborhoods, with their current friends?

“Honestly it’s going to be a feeling for us.”

That’s what the Germantown municipal superintendent wants, for parents to finally have a choice.

“This isn’t about we need to grab or recruit students. We’re Germantown schools for Germantown families. We’re going to honor them first and give them choices about where they go to school.”

Superintendent Jason Manuel said all Germantown High students will be welcomed at Houston, and all current Houston High students can stay, whether they live in Collierville or Cordova.

“It looks like a great school.”

The open door excited Susan Frey, whose daughter was already zoned for Houston. She came anyway to hear the new district’s plans.

“The curriculum structure is going to look an awful lot like we do today we have our challenges.”


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