SCS Warns Employees About Bad W-2’s

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(Memphis) More problems this weekend for Shelby County Schools.

School leaders took to social media late Friday to warn some employees NOT to file their Federal income tax returns until they get updated statements from the school administration.

The notice outlines the problem involving employees who worked for the old Memphis City Schools.

Apparently, the W-2 forms for those employees show incorrect numbers for retirement and health benefit payments.

The district says it plans to mail out corrected W-2 forms as soon as possible.

The notice points out the problem DOES NOT apply to employees of the old Shelby County School District.


  • Danielle McLovin

    More Cover-ups; “House of Lies” Administrators are still covering up!

    You don’t know half of the true stories about Memphis City Schools cover-ups and miss management of funds and employees from the top to the bottom. Shelby County Schools (Memphis City Schools) was aware shortly after the merger that former employees had been cut paychecks in error. This is only a single item of a long list of cover-ups. SCS/(MCS) also knew that because they did not run parallel systems, W-2’s would not be correct. This was discussed as early as August 2013. Oh yes, and the next lay-off is coming up! This time the projected lay-off is 20%, last year it was 26%. The lists have already been made. This group of people should not be allowed to ruin a school system, the State of TN needs to take over the entire Shelby County Schools, now. SCS is tainted more each day because we could not stop the merger with MCS. All this for nothing and at what cost to our future, the children.

  • leavingheresoon

    I know teachers from both systems and it seems neither benefited from the merger. Plus I feel like the SCS (MCS) administration answers to no one. I constantly hear about the schools covering up this or that, and I think we (the taxpayers) deserve answers. The worst part is half the teachers know about misconduct & misuse of funds, but they don’t report it because they fear retaliation. I appreciate the whistle blower from East High and I wish other teachers would come forward. Its not hard to report something anonymously & it would benefit us all. Maybe us taxpayers wouldn’t be looking to leave if more people would be held accountable for their actions. Im grateful for the teachers around here, they are overworked and overpaid. However, this is one shady administration. The largest school district in TN should have higher standards.

  • Where'd it go

    The nutritional programs are the easiest to ask where did the money go. A few million dollars gone from the rollover accounts of the cafeterias from the former Shelby County was simply absorbed into the new system. The new system replaced it with severely low standards and no clue as to what happen to the money!

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