Parents Face Uncertainty About Their Children’s Schools

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(Collierville, TN) Big changes are ahead for many Shelby County students.

"People are confused about whether to stay in Germantown go to Houston, what elementary school they will be zoned for, so I think there is confusion," says Carol Avens of Germantown.

Municipal schools start next school year, but no one knows how many students each will have.

Take Houston High, a Germantown School, but many of its students live in Collierville.

Parents are wondering if those kids will get the boot to make room for students who already live in the district.

Collierville's School Superintendent John Atkins  talked to WREG while traveling in Nashville. He highlighted  the challenges ahead.

"You are trying to deal with Collierville residents and then you have to take the next step on how to handle  those kids who live outside the municipal boundaries and come up with some kind of open enrollment policies, transfer policies  based on capacity and room at buildings specifically," says Atkins.

Atkins has been meeting with other municipal superintendents this week.

He hopes by mid-February they will have clear numbers on how many students will make up each district  and how many kids outside the district can stay.

"We all have to look at new school districts not just for next year, we have to look long term, if you are anticipating huge growth," says Atkins.

They must also consider  unincorporated areas of the county, where parents are being asked to choose a school while realizing they could soon be annexed.

They are important decisions as a new school year looms.

"I am sure the schools will work it out to the best of the student's ability and that is what we are hoping for, the students win in all of this," says Mary Ann Shea of Germantown.

The school districts are urging parents to attend open houses being held at different schools. Most school districts now have web sites with dates and locations for those meetings.


  • Eddie Heath

    Close the school already, These school do not belong to these parents or to the hoods they are in. The taxpayer own these school , it time to give us a break.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    If only the parents would be as involved in there schools during the school year as they are trying to keep schools from closing or kids going to one school or another, maybe we would have better performing students throughout the school year. Some of these issues should have been thought about when they were trying to form their own schools; something had to change, or didn’t they discuss that?

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