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Judge: Squatter Cannot Represent Self In Court

Tabith Gentry

(Memphis) A woman arrested for squatting in a multimillion dollar home has been told she cannot represent herself in court.

Tabith Gentry says she is a “Moorish National Republic” and does not have to follow United States law.

Gentry was given a court appointed attorney.

She is charged with two counts of aggravated assault an incident in 2012 where she reportedly hit two police officers when she took off from a traffic stop.

Gentry has two separate charges for squatting, theft of property over $250,000 and aggravated burglary.


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  • Aha!

    Send her to Moorish National Republic and do not let her back in the US since she does not have to follow US laws.

    • Terrie

      For realz. If she doesnt like the US & our laws just take yo azzz out of the US & go squat on some dirt floor!

  • Smitty

    I’m surprised this hasn’t caught on more here. It seems like we have a large portion of our population that doesn’t believe they need to follow the law.

  • Don

    Tabith Gentry. Is going to be surprised by the courts. Any one who sets feet on any US state or any area government will live under their laws.

    I don’t have any idea where Moorish National Republic and really don’t give a sharat. If you are in the US you abide by the law, you will be deported or stay in prison fo a long time. It’s your call, so make up your mind. Right now the selection is yours to make.

    • Nonya Bidness

      Yep, but elections are coming up and if the republicimps put her name on the ballot I’ll vote for the demochimp.

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