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Safety Of E-Cigs Still Up For Debate

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(Memphis) One of the newest businesses on Broad Street in Binghampton is the latest sign of a growing trend.

Chase the Vape is all about smoking, but not your typical cigarettes.

"You still have the nice inhale and exhale and you see the smoke. You are not always fidgety and you have that nicotine delivery and it's just so much better," says Karla Roadinger, co-owner of Chase the Vape.

Customers are lining up for Electronic Cigarettes.

There is no smoke, just vapors that give the illusion of a cigarette and that gives smokers  satisfaction without the side effects.

"I don't have the 4,000 terrible chemicals that a standard cigarette has in it," says 40 year smoker Randy Keller.

The jury is still out on the safety side of  e-cigs.

"The substance they are inhaling has not been investigated and found safe for them," says Dr. Leslie Robinson, Director of Clinical Health at The University of Memphis.

She  says e-cig use is exploding, but few people, especially young people, really understand the possible dangers.

"There are a proportion of the teenage population that are not trying e-cigs as an alternative to tobacco because they are addicted and trying something else, but as a starter product. That gives us some concern because the nicotine in e-cigs is addictive," says Robinson.

E-cigs have a cartridge with nicotine and other substances.

The user inhales the liquid and exhales the vapor, but's it's that inhaled liquid that is raising a lot of concern.

When the FDA seized and tested  some batches, it found some known carcinogens in E-cigs, some similar to anti-freeze.

Chase the Vape says there are a lot of misconceptions about what's in e-cigs.

"We order everything from the U.S. We make all of our e-liquids here. We know for certain what is in them," says Roadinger.

Unlike other smoke free products, e-cigs don't have mandated warnings about cancer or other diseases.

"We are years away from knowing how damaging these products are," says Dr. Bob  Klesges with U-T Health and Science Center in Memphis.

"Everything has a modicum of risk with it. The problem with e-cigarettes is we don't know what that risk is," says Klesges. "It's a poison. You just have to pick what poison you choose to engage in."

Some smokers are taking their chances.

"I think it's the next wave. People are talking about quitting smoking. This is an alternative to smoking a tobacco cigarette," says Keller.

A new federal regulation of e-cigs is said to be on the horizon.

Tennessee prohibits the sale of e-cigs to minors.

Meanwhile medical students at the University of Tennessee are getting the word out about overall tobacco dangers.

They have gone into elementary schools with a "tar war" campaign, teaching young students about the dangers of smoking and using e-cigarettes.


  • Cyber Slammer (@cyberslammer)

    I’ve smoked e cigs for almost a year…I don’t have the hacking smoker’s cough, I don’t stink like the bottom of an ashtray, and people tell me I look healthier and have better color to my skin since I quit smoking cigarettes…the only component is nicotine, which is a stimulant…no different than caffeine.

  • JordanTidwell

    What this piece failed to mention was that the study of e liquids which contained anti-freeze were random Chinese products that were not regulated and had little to zero info as to their origin. There are laws against minors using and purchasing tobacco products for a reason. If you would like to blame ecig companies for getting kids into smoking then you should probably have a chat with parents as well. The e cigarette and the community of people surrounding them has been nothing but a pleasant experience for not only myself but the several people that I have helped convert from tobacco products. Keep in mind where you get your news from folks and how it is edited and presented to you. It may not always be the whole truth.

  • Rome Mcminn

    I’ve been vaping almost 2 yrs. I feel better I can now taste food again my lungs are clear my body heals faster than when I smoked cigarettes and I hardly ever get sick now I feel like the reporter here needs to do their job and research the things they are TRYING to report on oh and there are typos nice attention to detail. I call fail on this report. Do you eat tomatoes did youknow tthere’s nicotine in them and a lot of other produce. Nicotine does not cause cancer its the carcinogen which comes from burning with vaping there is no burning taking place there for no chance for cancer.

  • destiny higgins

    Im am very disappointed in your lack of investigation on this issue. You had the real opportunity to help save the health of those in this city and instead you actually actively dissuaded the general public from a great option to begin to repair the damage that the tobacco industry has done to this nation. There are most certainly reputable studies done on the safety on the inhalation on both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol the two ingredients vaped with nicotine in ecig products other than nicotine ( witch is Not only derived from tobaco. U can get nicotine from other natural sources so its not a tocacco product). I think that you owe the people of this city struggling to quit smoking cigarettes legitimate investigation to show them that quitting is a possibility. Many ppl go down in nicotine levels to quit and never smoke agsin. I was in the hospital on and off for a year when the doctors recommended I switch to vaporizing. Best decision I ever made and I havent been to the hospital since. I used to have chronic bronchitis that put me in the hospital for breathing treatments every winter. I dont have smokers cough at all any more and havent had one breathing tratment since I quit. Wreg you have harmed people with this ill informed investigation and if you do not investigate further and cover this again you have lost a viewer.

  • keith jones

    very disappointed in news channel 3. I expected more from a CBS affiliate whose claim to fame is NEWS not OPPINION, try to educate yourself before you do a story you know nothing about, and as for the local vaping community it is time we just blow off the local media and just tell them we have no comment. We open our businesses to them,and give them the facts and try to educate them and this is the final product you get. Well I smoked for 28 yrs. two packs a day and e-cigs have changed my life that’s all the studies I need. Grow up CH.3 and do some real reporting there are doctors and educators in the mid-south who support e-cigs as an alternative to analog cigarettes guess it was to hard to track them down before you did your opinion piece.

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