Mother Evicted For Apartment’s Zero Tolerance

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(Memphis) A Memphis mothers says a zero tolerance policy designed to keep crime out of an apartment complex is unfairly being used to evict her family.

The mother says this isn't fair because her two kids haven't been found guilty of anything. One wasn't ever charged.

Police picked up Tamika Porter's teenage daughter and son at their Summit Apartment because someone identified them as the two robbers who stole from a party supply store and attacked a clerk with a shopping cart.

"It is not my child. Neither one? Neither one. They even stated that my son, young man they said was my son, that was not him," said Porter.

After looking at surveillance video, Porter says police let her son go but charges are pending against her 17-year-old daughter until they go to juvenile court.

Porter hopes they'll be dropped but by then it may be too late to save them from eviction.

"This is informing me that I must vacate the apartment, stating that I violated the lease because my children were arrested," said Porter.

The Summit Apartments off Covington Pike has a zero tolerance policy.

If anyone on the lease or a visitor is arrested, they can evict you, according to the lease.

Porter said, "I thought by law you were innocent until proven guilty."

WREG wanted to know more about Summit Apartment's eviction policy so we went to speak to the leasing manager.

The woman who identified herself as the manager said, "We don't have a comment on that. We're still investigating. He should not be putting cameras on us."

The manager wouldn't talk to us and asked us to leave but Porter says this is what she told her.

Porter says, "She stated I'm bringing negative vibes to their apartment complex and it's zero tolerance so therefore since that incident happened then I must be evicted."

We wanted know if this was legal and the On Your Side Investigators is still waiting on a final answer.

However, we found in some states where similar policies have been adopted by apartment complexes it's been recommended an eviction occur only upon conviction of a crime and or if the crime reportedly happens on the property.

The On Your Side Investigators will continue to follow this story.


  • Leavingheresoon

    After reading their apartment ratings online, I do agree with them having a zero tolerance policy in place. However, evicting someone before they are found guilty probably isn’t the brightest of ideas.

  • Eddie Heath

    This also need to apply this to section 8 housing in memphis, if she can’t keep her off spring under conrol get rid of her. Its not fair for other tentant to have to live around such trash.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Innocent until proven guilty only applies in criminal law. This is a civil case. I noticed that the mother defended the son but made no comment as to the daughters involvement in the matter.

  • Donkeys1

    Im glad all of memphis doesnt take this policy because we wouldnt have a place for all the thugs to stay KEEP THEM IN MEMPHIS

  • Donkeys1

    yeah I’m sure they just kick people out for no reason that are paying there rent Dream world at its best

  • izzieiman

    As a leasing agent, I do find fault with this policy as it is being envoked. It did not happen on the property and one of the alleged criminals has been a victim of mistaken identity, that may be the same for the other party. I lost my job for about a month because of this same type of policy because my name was in the paper for an arrest, and after I raised hell, it was found to be someone who had garnered an out-of- state license in my name.. You don’t move on a policy like this without irrefutable proof. She should have been put on notice pending an investigation .

  • Kaye Sandlin

    I totally agree with the policy but they should make sure the person is actually charged. It should be in every complex, neighbors need not be subjected to other people’s problems

  • Terrie

    Hey, “You play-You pay” This rule is for everyone. Why does she think her & hers are so special? Not at all. They ‘signed the lease’ so that alone would hold up in court!
    Kudos to the Apt people!!

  • xander

    i agree with the terms of the lease, how ever yes waiting for a conviction would maybe be a little better on the part of the complex. I do believe that policies like this should be in place in more areas around the city. make parents/guardians responsible for the actions of the kids they have or are responsible for. the city is in the sad shape that it is in because no one is willing to take responsibility for their children or even their own actions, its a “its not my problem” mentality. these kids run around acting like fools because there is no consequence for doing so. and if some ones kid gets busted, its not the kid that’s wrong, its the police that harassed the kid by catching him. come on people its not that difficult to understand why things are as bad as they are. step up and accept responsibility for your actions.

  • Open minded

    Some people make comments with out throroughly reading and getting a clear understanding. No one should be evicting people with irrefutable proof that a crime has occured. Furthermore, the alleged criminal act didn’t occur on the property where the apartments are. If this policy was etched in stone,the Administrative staff at theapartments would have given the media something in writing showing that their actions are legal and they stand behind them. Because they are now saying, they are investigating the matter; lets you know there is a gray area somewhere in this. Everything isn’t always as it seems.

  • Tack

    Good old Memphis… defending the ignorant criminals to the bitter end. It’s never their fault. It was forced on them by factors beyond their control!

    • MissTee

      Hey, aren’t you the guy that stole my laptop? Police on the way. Landlord too, and he’s bringing a padlock. Why? Because I said so.

  • Don

    It seems to me that if the letters in the lease was ARRESTED and not Convicted, I would think Tamika Porter does not have a beef and look for some where to hang her hat.
    The article didn’t say that the arrest had to happen off premises or not. I wouldn’t think it would make any difference and she will be found to be guilty of breaking the lease because the children resided in the complex.

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