Man Who Killed MPD Officer Charged With Shooting Teen

(Memphis) A man who entered a guilty plea to killing a Memphis police officer, and who was later freed, has now been charged with a shooting that injured a teenager.

Timothy McKinney faces a list of charges including attempted first degree murder, having a gun while being a convicted felon and reckless endangerment.

During a shooting in a convenience store January 23, a teenager was shot.

The shooting happened inside the North Memphis Market at 1590 Vollintine Avenue.

A police affidavit says security cameras showed “Tim” looking in a store window then entering and arguing with a man and eventually pulling out a gun and firing.

The teen who was shot is recovering.

The affidavit says McKinney had been in an argument with the man he shot two days earlier.

In May 2013, McKinney entered a guilty plea after a second jury deadlocked and couldn’t decide whether Timothy McKinney was guilty of murdering police officer Don Williams in 1997.

Tuesday, McKinney plead guilty to second degree murder with a sentence of 15 years to the murder of Memphis police officer Don Williams in 1997.

McKinney, who had already served 16 years, was released from prison.

McKinney was granted a new trial in 2010, jury members in two trials could not make a decision which led to the plea agreement.

Williams was working a night job as a security officer when he was shot and  killed in-front of a night club.


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