High School Teacher Quits After Nude Photo Scandal

(Memphis) One Kipp Collegiate High School student is sorry to see her teacher go.

We’re told the young woman quit after a student found nude photos of the teacher and sent them to himself, his friends, and even some parents.

“She left her phone on charger, she left out the room, he got the phone and went through the phone,” said parent Nina Handy. “She was a great teacher and I hate this for her because this was her first year teaching”

School officials said it was a parent who eventually came to the office and told administrators about the photo, which other parents tell us was spreading through the school like wildfire.

Kipp Collegiate’s executive director Jamal McCall said he put the teacher on administrative leave, but she resigned the next day.

The school stopped there, not calling police to say minors had nude photos and not trying to somehow stop the photos from flying through the school.

“To me, the child, something should happen to him,” said parent Erica Cooper.

“That’s parenting that’s the way the kids are being raised these days.”

Every parent and student we spoke to stood by the teacher, saying she was a victim, even if she abandoned her phone knowing the private pics were on there.

“She was one of my favorite teachers” said one student. “I could relate to her because she was young.”


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