School Board Members React To East High’s “Dirty Little Secret”

(Memphis) Shelby County Schools board members reacted Tuesday evening to disturbing pictures of what some claim is going on in East High School.

A whistle blower said video and pictures show kids are having sex and doing drugs.

“As a school board member and as a member of the community, I would be concerned,” said SCS board member Teresa Jones.

News Channel 3 showed Jones the pictures of used condoms and drug paraphernalia.

“I would think there would be an investigation,” said Jones.

Right now, it’s unclear if the administration is looking into it.

A former teacher also told WREG the principal has known about the problem for years, but has done nothing about it.

SCS Chief Communications Officer Emily Yellin gave this statement: “If we are given verifiable information, I will comment. If not, I will not.”

Tuesday night, when we wanted to get board members’ reactions to the pictures before their meeting, she wouldn’t even let us stand in the hallway to ask questions.

She also blocked us from showing pictures to board members.

When the meeting was over, board member David Reaves said he would like the district to look into it. He didn’t want to see the pictures.

“It’s kind of the first time I have heard about it. I would like the district to investigate and then get back to us with a report on whether they are real,” said Reaves.

WREG offered to give the pictures to Shelby County Schools so they can take a closer look and verify them as they say they want to.

WREG will let you know if they take us up on our offer.


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