Home Fire Caused By Space Heater

(Memphis) Freezing temps are forcing a lot of you to get those space heaters out, but another one's to blame for another fire.

Fire investigators said a woman left her home on Lorne Cove Tuesday morning and left her space heater on in her bedroom.

When she got back, her home was up in flames.

It only take a few minutes for an unattended space heater to go up in flames.

"When we got here there was heavy fire and smoke from the structure,” Lt. Wayne Cooke with the Memphis Fire Department said.

Cooke says he has seen this time and time again.

"Heating is one of the leading causes of fire in the winter months,” Cooke said. “So you want to take all the precautions that you can.”

This fire sparked just after 11:30 Tuesday morning on Lorne Cove. It took fire crews battling in extreme temperatures more than 30 minutes to knock it out.

In the past five days, Memphis firefighters put out at least four fires caused by heating devices, forcing Cook to give this same warning you've heard before:

“Make sure you unplugged them and always keep them out of the way of any combustible materials,” he said.

David Holder lives down the street and says he always shuts his space heater off when he leaves the room. He hopes others will start doing the same.

"It happens every year it seems like. Something happens with space heaters because people are too cold,” Holder said.

Fire investigators say to keep space heaters within three feet of anything.

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