Nail Salon Shooting Suspect Found Dead

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Jesus Perez

(Memphis) The man accused of killing the owner of a Cordova nail salon Monday night was found dead by Memphis Police.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office says 51-year-old Jesus Perez was found at a Shell gas station on Appling Road north of I-40 just after midnight Tuesday morning.

Officers say Perez had been shot and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Deputies believe Perez shot himself just a few hours after he shot and killed his estranged wife, 45-year-old Van Nguyen.

Deputies say Nguyen was unresponsive when they found her around 9 p.m. Monday inside the nail salon she owned at Appling and Dexter.

She died a short time later.


  • Stupidity is a disease

    Grow up already…Internet trolling is for children. Someone lost their life, jokes and stupid remarks are not needed here. My prayers go out to this woman’s family and friends.

  • Jason Junier

    Thanks Stupid is a disease.Your prayers will be appreciated. This was a friend of mines woman and I knew her.can’t speak on it right now.The details may come out in the news but the circumstances are sickening.

  • Don

    My prayers for the family of Van Nguyen.RIP. God Bless You.

    As for the thug, I hope someone hauls him away before he he starts stinking worse!

    • Quyen

      hi Janet or anyone that knows this family, please if you can give me info on how to get in contact with van’s children. van is my mom’s niece, my family have lost contact with this family many years ago. family from Vietnam call to update us about what happened and no one in our family has their # thanks to the Internet we were able to find some info. please email me with any details! Thanks in advance!

  • kate

    i am in a daze. Van was an amazing woman. she wore high heels every single day in the nail shop. even if she was having a bad day she would smile and laugh. such a beautiful soul. praying for your babies. love you girl!



  • Celeste O @salon4255

    We will truly miss you Ms.Van, for the past 5 yrs you were the BEST Nail Tech and great friend. Your(3) children will be in our prayers.

  • Joe Bo

    Cyber, you think you are anonymous? News flash, your not. If you hate Memphis so much, just don’t come here. Just milk the cows and feed those hoggs down there in Desota Co. Your kind not welcomed here. What a coward you are. Afraid of a Black Man, bet you wet your pants when you see us. Lol

    • Nonya Bidness

      All the soap in the world can’t wash it off you. You go to college and get a degree, get a job, buy a suit and what is it that goes through peoples minds when they see you? ……..

      It explains your hatred, you got the short end of the stick.

      But I must tell you ….. it’s good to be me!

  • Kristian H.

    Van you will truly be missed!! I just cant believe just last week you were holding my baby and giving me tips and now you’re gone… Im going to miss you and your big heart!! I pray for your son and your two daughters…


    Wow… saw this on d news this morning. We used to be neighbors very nice lady…. my prayers goes out to her family…..

  • beth jackson

    we all just need to pray for the children that was left behind…this isn’t the time to be worried about race………

  • beth jackson

    yes he was cuban .but what does that matter a life was taken and now the children are the one having to deal with the pain of loosing there mother…just pray for peace for them

  • tiffany martinez

    I new jesus perez i used to work with him i also new his exwife he was veru strange and hard to deal with she was always nice such a tragedy bless tje fam and kids

  • Sarah Pritchett

    I am devastated. Van took care of me and my grandmother for years. We don’t know what she ever saw in that good for nothing man. Van was such an interesting woman. And so compassionate. Shocked and very sad. It sickens me you people are so stupid.

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