Serial Robber Targeting Women in East Memphis Complex

(Memphis) A warning for women living in East Memphis: someone has been robbing women at gunpoint in the Kirby-Poplar area. Victims are describing the same guy with a similar MO.

After two months of robberies, police might now finally have a good lead.

“It was right here,” said Anna Traverse.

When Anna Traverse was confronted by a man with a gun she says she went into autopilot, “I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t question him. I didn’t scream. I didn’t run. He had a gun and he wanted my bag so I handed it to him.”

Since this happened on her home-turf Thursday night, she hasn’t really been back, “Even when I stop by my apartment just to grab a few things, I’m really frightened to leave again.”

According to police reports, four women in her Kirby Station apartment complex have been robbed by a man who may be the same person. .

He covers his face, and waits for the women to walk from their car before he strikes.

The complex has even cut down trees and added more lights to help women feel safer.

They may feel even safer to find out that Anna’s stolen iPhone helped police get their first lead, “I guess my iMessages were still going to that phone.

The guy who stole it had gone to Craigslist and sold it to someone else and the person who bought it from him got a text message from a friend of mine.”

When the man who bought Anna’s phone from Craigslist found out that it had been stolen in a robbery, he gave the phone to police and has been more than willing to help detectives ID the bad guy.

“I gave him a description and it’s exactly the same person who did this to me,” said Anna.

“Because you feel safe here and then you get the letter but at least they tell us so we know to be on the watch,” said resident Dan Reed.

People, especially women, don’t want to worry about who might greet them when they come home.

“I know to him it was just business and there’s something very disturbing about that. Something that has really shaking me up pretty much to my core.”

The criminal seems to be targeting women between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and those who live in apartment units a little hidden from view, where they have to walk down a path from the parking lot.


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