School Closings For Tuesday

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(WREG-TV) We have started receiving weather related closings.

Fayette County, Hardin County, and Lauderdale County schools are closed Tuesday.

Districts are citing dangerously cold weather for the closures.

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A Wind Chill Advisory kicks in at midnight for the MidSouth and ends midday Tuesday.

Expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with a low of 12 degrees in the city of Memphis.  Outlying areas will be in the single digits once again.

Wind chill values near zero to five degrees below zero.

Tuesday, continued mostly cloudy and cold with a high of only 23 degrees and northerly wind at 10 mph.

Wind chills Tuesday will be near 10 degrees.

Tuesday night, look for clear skies with a low near 11 degrees.  Wind chill at two degrees below zero.

Wednesday, finally warmer weather with mostly sunny skies and a high of 33.

By Thursday temperatures will rise to the mid 40s.

Low 50s by Friday with rain chances for late Friday into Saturday.


    • Michelle

      I am from NY as well. Yes this is the south, upon which they are not used to extreme cold weather like this. Many are forgetting that students in much of NY do not have to keep going in and out of buildings to go to another class. They are inside one building all day. The kids in the south have to do this, which in turns does not allow their bodies to warm up quick enough or retain warmth long enough before they have to go back out to get to another class. Those kids that are overdressed to deal with the cold will eventually begin to sweat, leaving their pores open to absorb the cold. You have consider other factors before making such a statement. Trust I know what cold is being I have lived in NY for 30+ years of my life, but these past few days have felt like I was still in NY.

  • Jay

    School can be closed or not! I make the decisions for my little one. It’s too freaking treacherous for the kids to be out. Some don’t even have efficient clothing to protect them from such frigid wind chills. My baby has asthma and all the right winter gear but, the changing of the seasons has her ill. So even if the city decides to go at it anyway,which they usually make terrible decisions, my baby will be home. End of conversation.

    • Don

      Jay, I really hate to tell you that there is no more city schools now, since the city decided to give up their charter. all the school are run by SCS.
      But, It appears that the SCS are run by the same old MCS bunch.
      I really think you are doing the right thing about not letting the government tell you how to care for your children.
      You are to be commended.

  • Cyber Slammer (@cyberslammer)

    Love these parents who complain about it being too cold and not having proper clothes for their kids in the cold….I wonder how many of them are paying Comcast $100+ a month for cable and Internet so they can watch their honey boo boo shows.

  • Sandra Jones

    Really? Shelby County Schools need to close. Most students walk and catch the bus at the bus stop. This weather tomorrow is very dangerous to the students. Are they beyond low down to not close the schools? Do they even care about the students health risk?!

  • jen

    The ones who r from up north and want to say stuff about us wanting schools to close just don’t get it. Let me also say this the north has a different type of cold. I can go up there and go play hockey outside w a hockey Jersey and b fine and it could b the same temp down here and need a coat and still b cold. As it is I have worn a coat but a couple of times so far. The thing is is kids r going to b more susceptible to the cold. My kids own coats and gloves but they aren’t designed for this kind of cold because we don’t usually have cold like this. You northerners r used to it and own gear designed to protect u and keep u warm in this kind.d of weather. So back off. We could say same things about u come summer time. If it gets as hot up there a few times during the summer like we deal w all summer y’all will complain just as much as we do in regards to the cold. That’s because we r used to that kind of heat and y’all aren’t.

    • bmw120

      Then get them a better coat. Geez.. I am the way up north. This weather is a joke. Its a matter of people not being prepared for the worse. It’s too cold for the kids to go to school…its too hot for the kids to be in school….and you wonder why the north makes so much fun of the south.

  • jen

    Its not so much that parents don’t want to keep kids warm. It has to do w the fact that we rarely get cold weather like this. This is the coldest its been here in 20 years. The winter weather gear generally sold around here us designed to work w the temps that r normal. To buy the type of gear that would b for these kinds of temps u would basically have to special order because very few places sale it down hear. Also not every parent has the money to buy special winter gear that is only needed a couple of days every several years and not every person who doesn’t have the extra money to spend like that is spending it on cable or whatever.

    • bmw120

      NO, you can go to any sporting good store or Burlington coat factory and get the same winter coats and gear they have up north. For those that have to work out side, may I suggest investing in a pair of Carharts coveralls. Extremely warm and sturdy.

  • Joe

    this is beyond stupid…..19 degrees tonight and theyre closing schools?

    cant believe the coddling by this school system……

    no child is going to freeze by being outside in the cold for 15 minutes

    Memphis is sickeningly liberal and entitled

    • Aha!

      I am a conservative and have had a job since I was 13 (34 years). I have never felt entitled. However, I think all school systems with the wind chill at 0 or below should be closed tomorrow. How about you wait at one of the bus stops for 20 minutes in the morning?

      • bmw120

        AMEN to that. Yes, I have lived here for the inferno gross swampy summers. I’m from Minnesota, I know cold…I live here now so I know gross and hot, not to mention the amount of mean hateful assuming people who claim to be such good hospitable and good church goers.

  • jen

    If it was just a matter of it being 19 then I agree they should go to school. My problem is the fact that the wind chill is going to be below zero. We aren’t asking Obama or anyone else for a dang thing. If it was cold like this more often then there might b a point in ordering heavier winter gear. Hell even if u ordered it now it would take days to get it here and it wouldn’t b needed then and the odds of needing it much or even again for a long time (by which point kids very well may have out grown it) because its rare that it gets this cold. So what would be the point.

  • Jeanna

    Even the “north” has closed schools and did it two days in advance…I am from the north and you that are calling people from the area names, just put a sock in your mouth. This is one of the coldest streaks since the 70’s…and yes we stayed home then too… from Illinois and proud of it(Bartlett resident now-and just as proud!)

  • James

    As a former high school WS student I find school closing a only needed when walking isn’t an option. Below zero may well be terrible but take into consideration if you want your child to have an education, than sometimes things are worth fighting for. If we close for actual reasons I wouldn’t bother saying a word but for the cold, you mean to tell me there’s not one person who can take your child to school in the cold and home? Honestly you need to realize that the world can and shall supply your every need if you let them.

    -Shelby county makes terrible decisions I’ll laugh if they cancel schools.

  • bbjnb

    Maybe you can apply for government assistance to buy your kids winter coats and gloves. That way you can keep your money to buy Michael Kors bags and Jordan tennis shoes. Don’t for get about the $100 bags of weave.

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