MPD: Easy Way Owner Death Was A Suicide

(Memphis) The Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office has since ruled the death of one of the owners of Easy Way, a suicide.

David Carter was found dead Monday in the Easy Way Distribution Center.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said surveillance video shows Carter entered the building alone and turned off the alarm.

Video does not show anyone else enter the building until Carter was found.

No note was left.

Police say when an employee arrived, Carter’s truck passenger door was open with his jacket near. Inside the store, two safes were open and files were scattered.

All of those details led police to consider an arrest at first.

The Carter family released two statements:

“We choose to celebrate how David lived and remember the legacy of the love that he leaves behind,” said Karen Carter.

Brian Carter stated, “ To our friends, Easy Way and the community, we are all devastated by this tragedy and we, David’s family, ask that everyone respect our privacy at this time and please keep us all in your prayers.”

Easy Way is family-owned business started by the Carter family in 1932.

There are six of produce-only grocery stores in Memphis.

According to their website, David Carter and his brother had been running day-to-day operations at the business since their father retired.

Carter’s wife, Karen Sanders Carter, is a justice court judge in Desoto County.


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