Two of Memphis Mayor’s Top Directors Call It Quits

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(Memphis) Two of Mayor A C Wharton's top directors have called it quits, one of them over money issues.

Wharton has invested a lot of money in cleaning up blight in Memphis.

The man in charge of one of his largest anti-blight programs, 25-Square, stepped down Friday over financial concerns.

Chief Administrative Officer said a recent internal audit on the Public Works Department showed apparent problems with financial controls.

Sources told WREG it was money mismanagement.

Little said he had financial concerns and questioned Onzie Horne's accountability.

He said Horne didn't do anything criminally wrong, and there is no ill will.

Horne put in his two-week notice, then was put on administrative leave with pay until his last day February 7.

Unrelated to the Horne resignation, the Deputy Director of Solid Waste, Andy Ashford, also resigned Friday.

Little said he wanted new leadership, and Ashford's resignation had nothing to do with money mismanagement.

Ashford has been with the city of Memphis for more than 20 years. Mayor Wharton hired Horne in 2011.

We have asked for a copy of the audit. As soon as we get it, we will bring it to you.


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