Upset Mother Says Marshall County School Buses Have No Heat

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(Memphis) "Tomorrow it's gonna be really, really cold. These kids gotta get out and go to school," says Marshall County mother Lorine Wooten.

She is a worried mom.

As the temperatures drop she gets more worried about her 3 sons in Marshall County Schools.

"The kids came home Wednesday talking about how cold it was on the bus. I said there is no heat on the bus. He said no, no heat," says Wooten.

In freezing temps, she says kids have been riding ice-cold school buses in Marshall County.

"I was talking to a parent the other day. She was telling me how cold their hands were. A lot of parents don't realize you could easily get frost-bitten like that," says Wooten.

She says she the Director of Transportation told her they were working on the problem, but that was weeks ago.

"They did tell me Monday of this week they had a heater they were gonna install for me, but what about the other buses. They don't have heat," says Wooten.

Marshall County's School Superintendent wasn't available to talk with WREG,

He sent a statement saying, "All buses in the Marshall County School District fleet are equipped with heaters. Due to extremely cold weather as of late, the district has begun adding extra units on some buses within the fleet in an attempt to ensure buses are warm, which may have caused some to think that we did not have heaters on buses. Possibly this is where the confusion has arisen, but all buses within our fleet were purchased with and are equipped with heaters."

Wooten's not buying that and says students have endured cold bus rides since the first of the year, with no relief.

She even started taking her kids to and from school herself.

"Everybody should have heat on their buses. How would they like their kids riding buses with no heat? We pay taxes here in Marshall County. We deserve what other counties have," says Wooten.

She says there "is" a problem and when you areĀ  talking about the safety of children it's one problem too many.

We contacted transportation officials for Shelby County and Desoto County Schools and were told all their school buses have heat.


  • Henry

    She has to take HER kids to school. Dear God, no. What’s next? Cooking them hot meals? I hope these boys don’t grow up to be sissies.

  • Amanda leeann

    My son also rides the busses for that school also I know we pay high taxes an that is what it goes for they should fix the problem. Some parents are not able to take there kids to school due to jobs or other matters I my self being one of those parents. The kids should have a safe and warm transportation to and from school that our taxes pay.

  • Kandis

    Obviously, the people telling this concerned parent to shut up do not have children or do not care about the well being of their children. If she chooses to take her children to school to keep them from being sick or just to be warm, then that is her business and just shows that she is a great parent. If it is 9 degrees outside why wouldn’t you be concerned about your child or children having heat on their buses?

  • Vonda Tedford Keon

    good heavens people. all of the school buses have heaters on them. but when you factor in all of the windows on the bus and the fact that every time the bus stops to pick up a student and those doors open, and the student is not rushing to get on that bus because that is how kids are,, all of the heat leaves the bus. Go out to the bus yard an hour before the buses leave to pick up kids and you will notice the engines are running to warm it up. dress you children in layers, get them a pair of gloves from the dollar store and sew them to the cuffs so they wont lose them. put a cap on their heads. its not the school districts fault or the bus driver.

  • Exposure

    Wow!!! Is this the same mom who stays at home each day? People, these are the same types of buses that are in the surrounding counties. It amazes me that people always try to find some fault in something someone else is doing or “not doing”. The real story of her anger needs to be exposed on the news.

  • ann wilson lewis

    this is serious our children can become sick with the flu or any kind of congested illness. And henry this has nothing to do with being a sissy. if your child came home sick with the flu because of the cold buses you would be upset too. And if you don’t speak out about the health and well being of your child or children then henry you will be called a sissy.

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