Alabama Rape Charges Dropped Against Former MPD Officer

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(Huntsville, AL) A grand jury in Huntsville, AL has declined to indict a former Memphis police officer who was arrested there and charged with rape.

Terrance Shaw was arrested for raping a woman at Alabama A & M University last November.

Shaw was charged with first degree rape and sodomy.

Shaw is a graduate student at the school and posted a $20,000 bond.

Police said the woman told them she was assaulted by Shaw while visiting him in his apartment and that he is her ex-boyfriend.

Later however, the woman told WREG she was not raped.

She said the two have been on and off again for eight years.

“They did the rape kit, but they didn’t find anything abnormal,” she told us just before Thanksgiving. “They couldn’t find anything. There were no bumps, bruises or anything.”

In 2012 Shaw, then an MPD officer, shot and killed 15-year-old Justin Thompson.

Shaw was off-duty at the time and said Thompson tried to rob him.

Investigators cleared Shaw in the shooting though Thompson’s mother contends her son was murdered.

Shaw told us, “I met him at the store. He was advising me that he was living house to house and that he needed some assistance and with my limited contact with him. It was very limited. I think I only seen him maybe about four times, including the day that I met him and the last day that I saw him.”

Justin’s mother, Shirley Thompson, showed us text messages between Justin and Shaw just minutes before the shooting.

In the text messages Justin asked “watchu got goin.” Shaw replied, “nothin, chillin, U tryna get up wit me?”

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  • equalopportunityhater

    What now you cop hating thugs? See, not everything is how it seems. Let’s keep innocent until proven guilty in the forefront of our minds and take a look at our own lives before we throw stones. Hoes lie, it happens all the time, but everyone is quick to persecute an officer.

    • Hard Truths

      I guess you forgot why he got fired from MPD.

      That’s quite an accomplishment, you know.

      There ARE good cops, but you shouldn’t be defending this twinkie.

  • John

    Hey dummy dude didnt get fired he quit did u read the article? Furthermore if he woulda got fired he woulda got his job back. And twinkie maybe u dont need to name bash.

    • Hard Truths

      Perhaps it would be better to blame it on the man — probably a higher-up at MPD — who taught him what he was teaching that boy.

      The people I know at MPD say he was bad news. Why are you defending a probable child molester?

  • john

    @hardtruth your an idiot! dont you think if he was that he would be in jail furthermore why would he have been robbed if he and the guy were messing around smh

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