New Search Underway For Man Who Stole Deputy’s Car

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(Covington, TN) A search is underway in Covington, Tenn., for a man who stole a Lauderdale County deputy's patrol vehicle.

The Covington campus of Dyersburg Community College was placed on lock down because of the search.

Early Wednesday, authorities reported that a cell phone belonging to Stephen Melton, who is now on the TBI "Top-Ten Most Wanted" list, was found in a wooded area in Covington.

Later in the day, however, Chief Donna Turner said his cell phone had not been found.

Melton was arrested January 11 after a meth lab, guns, and pipe bombs were found in his home.

Investigators say Melton kicked out a car window and took off in it.

The vehicle was later found abandoned.

Melton is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have information  call TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463) or the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department at 731-413-7499.

There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.


  • Good o boy

    I no this guy, an yes he had something’s that he had no bussiness haven, but they are really blown this way out of portion he is not dangers he ain’t never hurt no one or even talkd like that was type person he was he would give you the shirt off his back even now in this cold wheatear we have a lot niger problems than Steve, I heard Steve Sanderson talkn bout how meth is so bad in his county but you never hear them address the really bad problems like all the I solved murders an attempted murders you never hear about how they do it hear in this county well you kill you four or five people an go talk to bull an James jones an they make you a real hell of a deal you set up some drug cases an you get less than 200 days in jail while the drug charges get more time in jail an more paper you no I wonder why u get less time for muder than you do for get. Caught up with some drug charge an how bout bull even haven a job after him an Nelson beat that pore boy to deat we’ll I gess hear in this county meth is our problem not people killn people he’ll the police even get by with it

    • BamBam84

      No, the duck commander and his merry band of misfits all need to be locked up so we don’t have to live with their merchandise being constantly shoveled in our faces.

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