Memphis Police And Fire Could See More Cuts

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(Memphis) The Memphis Police Department and Memphis Fire Department claim their ability to protect you is about to take a major hit.

Police alone could see more than 500 people cut.

The departments say they have already cut to the bare bones because after the city budget was slashed, and now they’re expected to do it again.

Memphis City Council members aren’t sure how short on cash they’ll be for next year’s budget, but MPD and MFD are bracing for the possibility of even more cuts which will impact services.

“We are at our lowest numbers that we need to be at the fire department. There are going to be some tough challenges ahead and we don’t want to put public safety at risk,” said Fire Director Alvin Benson.

Benson says the department has shrunk by several engines, trucks and battalions.

Right now they’re getting by using "rolling brownouts." That's when they have to temporarily put a truck out of service.

“Brownouts is a risky strategy. It is one that we have deployed because that’s just the facts of the matter of where we are,” said Benson.

He warns firefighters are also at risk when resources are low.

The Memphis Police Department says it has also cut its spending to the minimum.

This year the department eliminated an entire recruit class, promotional testing, a half million dollars in overtime, and hundreds of officer jobs.

Police director Toney Armstrong says because of the significant officer reduction, any further cuts will reduce services people in Memphis are used to, like home alarm calls and responding to traffic accidents.

“We have went from a 2,480 man compliment to (where) we’re projecting cuts next year and could be down to a 1,900 man compliment,” said Armstrong.

Memphis city chief administrative officer George Little says the city may have to make more cuts next year or it will be forced to raise taxes again.

“Given the challenges that we have on pension and debt we are certainly going to have to put everything on the table to balance the budget without a tax increase,” said Little.


    • Harold

      Raising property taxes, gasoline taxes and sales tax is the answer. A lot of people in Memphis that cannot work depend on us to help them out and we should. If the tax burden is too great then stop whining and get a second job.

      • RedOctober

        Great idea! I’d like to see about an 80% tax on income. Also, agressive property confiscation and redistribution would hit the spot. It would also be nice if the City of Memphis could incorporate a hammer and sickle onto the flag that flies in front of city hall.

        For mother Memphis comrades!

  • Truthy

    “The police department alone could see a cut of more than 500 people.”

    Can you imagine how much more buck-wild Memphis would be with 500 LESS Polife Officers?!?! Wooooooooooeeeeeeeee! Fun times ahead for Memphians!

  • GoodCitizen

    Hey liberal Democrats, do you remember when King Willie Herenton told whites to leave Memphis? They left and took their money with them. This is what happens when the money leaves. Who is going to pay for Memphis City Government? Little Poo on the corner slinging dope? Welfare queens? Good luck dummies.

    • trekboer

      I remember when Herenton said this too. Sure were lots of black folks who agreed with him. Now they are paying for what they wished for,,,,

      • Kevin

        I agreed with Herenton then and I still agree with him now … all you white men should leave but please leave your women behind … because here is where they want to be anyways. She tired of you small minded (among other things) racist hicks anyways …

    • Harold

      Higher taxes is the answer. The poor need our help to get ahead. EBT card increases are one thing that should happen. People that OWN homes and businesses in Memphis SHOULD pay more taxes. People that rent should receive vouchers from the city to make ends meet. It’s only fair.

  • Brenda Bucks

    GUNs DOWN Program worked so well and crime is at an all time low so why do we need all those extra officers?

  • Little Detroit

    Memphis will Cut the police and fireman jobs and then buy a baseball stadium that has lost money for the last seven years. Great job, Memphis City Council. Keep up the good work.

  • Cheryl Marty

    kemp.conrad, Harold.Collins, jim.strickland, Janis.Fullilove, edmund.fordjr, Myron.Lowery,, news

    What in the sam hell is wrong with you people?
    Cut police and fire? I can’t get this house up for sale fast enough.
    Done with this and I am not the only one..
    Older folks are passing away and their Kids are moving in and not
    paying taxes and letting it go.
    You have people living in tax sale houses for 10 years( not paying a
    dime) and letting it go, then buying it back for pennies on the
    You have one house on my street that went to Vacant land in 2012 and
    it is one of the Nice’s houses on the street and still there. went
    from paying 900.00 year combined taxes to 150.00 . WHY don’t you work
    on FIXING this garbage instead of always cutting essential service.
    WHY ?
    or threating tax hikes,

  • Jack

    Here we go again, sounds like the Memphis song. We need cuts so lets go and buy a stadium, tear down the walter simmons projects on knight arnold, the city and it citizens need to vote most of these people out of office and start new. These projects have been vacant how long? I think awhile longer would not have hurt. Yes I agree we need to make changes…..most citizens of Memphis do not know that all city employees get TWO paid holidays for martin luther king…..what does this cost the citizens of Memphis?

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Everyone of you are correct, that is except for that idiot “GoodCitizen.” My question is why and what are we going to do about it? We all know that this city is going to hell without the hen basket, yet we are only letting our voices be heard on these post. We need to get in their faces and let them know that they work for us, or at least they are supposed to. Cuts should come from the top, where the majority of the fat is and has been. Start with George Little and Robert Lipscomb.

    • toby

      Seems like the only idiot here is you, and the problem is being solved by all the rich upper class people leaving Memphis for Collierville, Germantown, and the surrounding counties. So sit back and keep making up your lame excuses, we’re solving it by taking our dollars elsewhere and letting you all rot.

  • Ann

    “…No man is a island unto himself.”
    If Memphis is the body, the suburbs are the arms, legs, etc. Please know and understand that although Memphis may rot/suffer today – rot SPREADS – it doesn’t stay contained.
    Instead of wishing “ill will” on the fate of others – pray or be about a solution to the problems. No, you may not have started or created this but, whether you want to accept it or not – we are all connected. What affects me will eventually effect you. And just IF the above isn’t reason enough for you to shift your thinking then, consider this: If these issues aren’t resolved and the crime increases, homes are lost due to rising taxes, and houses begin to burn up as in Detroit – Where will the people go?

  • Nonya Bidness

    When the blacks of Memphis became the majority and starting voting black politicians in it was the beginning of the end. The corruption was immediate and the “we’re in charge now” attitude drove tax paying citizens to the suburban cities.

    Well, you’ve been in charge for 20 years and have driven the city into poverty and near bankruptcy. What do you think about your time in charge? What kind of grade would you give yourself?

    Memphis is too far gone to try to fix right now. It must hit a low that is lower than Detroit is today. After a good percentage of the leaches (and you know who you are) leave and the city has composted down someone can come in and redevelop the city with high-end housing. The secret is to attract tax payers while leaving no place for the leaches.

    If the state would enact limits on entitlement programs, two years consecutive, four years lifetime, the cycle of generational welfare would be broken (in Tennessee, because the leaches will move elsewhere) and the rebuilding could begin.

  • Don

    The taxpayers in Memphis could cure the city’s ills if they would vote out the third world tribe who are are running the city.

  • Kevin

    Wharton needs to leave ASAP … this btch has sold us dowwn the river. Also, don’t believe everything you hear. This same ole song has been heard plenty time around here.Also, when are these doggone Hicks leaving Memphis? Herenton told yall to leave a long time ago and you are still here. Why??????

  • Tb2173

    The fire dept ambulances respond to 250 (avg) EMS calls a day at a minimum of $500 a person for an average of $3.75 million dollars a month…. They are doing their job, so where is all that money? The MFD and MPD generate revenue for the city but somehow they are a drain on city budget!

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