Two Charges Dropped, Bond Reduced For Mom In Missing Infant Case

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(Memphis) The only talking Andrea Walker is apparently doing is with her attorney, Leslie Ballin, who until Monday had been pushing for the charges against his client to be dropped, despite the fact Walker's 7-week-old baby is missing without a trace.

In court Monday, Ballin backed off dropping charges in exchange for a lower bond.

"It's the give and take of lawyering. The state agreed with our request for a bond reduction to $250,000, so in negotiations with Ms. Nichols, that's how we proceeded today," said Ballin.

Ballin was able to negotiate with Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols to have charges dropped in relation to Walker's 3-year-old.

Walker says she left 7-week-old Anniston with the toddler while she took another child to school January 9th, and when she came back, the baby was gone.

A police search for the baby led nowhere, and they don't believe Walker is telling them everything.

With Walker's bond cut in half, from $500,000 down to $250,000, if she can make it, she can walk out of jail.

"The reason we agreed to the bond reduction is because two of the charges will not be presented, those charges relative to the 3-year-old child," said Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols.

Walker's case now goes to the Grand Jury, with a big question still looming: What does this mom really know?

"As you saw her in custody, as she was sitting on the bench waiting for her case to be called, her head was down, she was faced toward the wall, she is appropriately depressed," said Ballin.

Andrea Walker has to come up with $25,000 of her $250,000 bond to get out of jail, as her case makes it through the courts.

Her attorney says he doubts she will be able to pay it.

In fact, he says he is planning to meet with her Wednesday night, in jail, where he assumes she will stay for now.

Ballin said his client has no criminal history, has a full-time job with the IRS and is not a flight-risk.

Memphis police say there have been no new developments in the case.


  • M.W

    wonder if the baby’s father kidnapped her? Is the mom going through postpartum depression and harmed the baby without knowledge and memory because something isn’t right about this story? Where are the grandparent’s if any during all of this? There are so many questions regarding this mystery. Somebody has to know something because a newborn can’t just get up and walk away! Who has the three year old if that toddler was left alone? Memphis police and law enforcement aren’t doing a thorough job of searching for this missing newborn. If they were on the lookout for drugs they’d be ALL over that situation, NOT implying that getting drugs off the streets aren’t important just SAYING!

    • Deborah G

      I think your questions thoughtful. Was Ms. Walker in the habit of leaving the two youngsters alone? If so, has a list been obtained of all persons with an awareness of such? Is there any reason to think the neighbors wouldn’t have known or suspected that the younger children were being left home alone? What about the parents who engaged with or might have engaged with the mother on the way to school or at the school? Who else was interviewed in a discovery process? Were the paths of each person who would have or could have known the children were left home alone traced, also?

  • Terrie

    THIS is an example of the laws going soft! WHY reduce her bond?? How are the system expected to make people live by the Law if you do not enforce them!!!

  • Evette

    Has anyone (other than mom) ever met this baby? A local radio host claims the father has not ever seen the baby in person…nor any family members.

  • Beverley

    some of her charges were put on her just to get her in jail, then bond is set high to keep her….when the lawyer takes the case some charges are lowered or dropped, therefore the bond is’ll be interesting to hear the story when time comes up for court…which will probably be 6 months to a year……the wheels of justice(?) turn very slow…

    • Little Detroit

      Beverly must be a product of the MCS system. The grammar and writing skills of a second grader. The punctuation wheels of the MCS system turn very slowly. Thank God, the suburbs are getting a new school system.

  • Linda

    What if the infant never existed in the first place? Why isn’t she facing charges for leaving a 3 year old alone. That is child abandonment and Child abuse as well.

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