Memphis, Atlanta Authorities To Compare Jewelry Heists

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(WREG-TV) Authorities in Memphis and Atlanta plan to compare notes on recent jewelry heists in both cities.

On Saturday, a group of masked men a total of 65 Rolex watches, worth around $11,000 each, in just minutes from the Reed’s Jewelers inside the Wolfchase Mall.

Investigators said the thieves were carrying guns and used heavy sledgehammers to shatter the glass display cases.

"They came in. They broke the counters and got what they came for. Then took off," a Memphis police spokesperson said.

A similar robbery occurred in Atlanta this summer. Five men stole nearly $1 million worth of Rolex watches, according to CBS Atlanta.

Atlanta authorities tell us several of those involved have been arrested and one is dead, so "it is doubtful that it is the same crew, but it is possible that it could be some of the extended members of the same group."

The video below is the surveillance footage from the Atlanta robbery:


  • not giving it

    The majority of this info was in the previous articles. Unless progress is actually made on this case, please spare us a fourth article.

  • Nonya Bidness

    I have to eat my words … I said the perps would be asian. But in true Memphrica fashion they are ghettoites!


  • Make Mine Stupid

    These are very high end watches, with identifying marks. It was a successful robbery, but i doubt they will be able to unload these things very easily. I’ve got a hunch that’s how the dudes in Atlanta got caught, trying to hock these these things. It’s not exactly like you could go to a local pawn shop and unload em’.

  • Sheena

    If Obama had sons, they would look a lot like the Atlanta boys in the video. I bet the Wolfchase robbers, look a lot like Obama too. Any takers?
    We will know, when the surveillance videos from the Wolfchase robbery are aired.

  • Some Body

    I bet they make this nice jewelry store look like a bullet proof liquor store in south Memphis before it’s all over if they don’t close.

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