Mother Of 15-Year-Old Who Shot Himself In The Head Not Charged

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Update 7/18/14: Prosecutors have chosen not to pursue charges against Cassandra Campbell in this case.

(Memphis) Police have charged the mother of a 15-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head.

They say Cassandra Campbell tampered with evidence when she hid the gun in a sock drawer so the boy wouldn't get in trouble.

The teen shot himself Friday morning on Jenwood as he was about to go to school.

While Campbell has been charged with tampering with evidence, she says she had no idea her son had a gun and when she found out she certainly didn't try to hide it from police.

“I wasn't thinking about hiding the gun or making sure he doesn't get in trouble. He is already in trouble!” said Campbell.

Campbell has had a tough week. Her mug shot says it all. First, her son shoots himself in the head by accident and then she spends the weekend in jail, “I was unaware of him having a gun. I don't allow him to have a gun.”

Her 15-year-old shot himself in the head when the gun fell out of his pocket and went-off.

Police say his mom picked up the gun and hid it in a sock drawer so he wouldn't get in trouble, “I did not hide the gun but I have handicapped kids here so I couldn't leave the gun out.”

Campbell is also a convicted felon so she's not even allowed to have guns in her house so police charged her with that too, all while her son is in the hospital with a bullet still wedged in his skull, “After everything happened, he told the officers at the hospital that he found the gun and he kept the gun in case he needed it for something because he had been having a little trouble at school that he didn't feel like he could talk to me about it.”

“It’s very much our responsibility how our kids turn out,” said Neighbor Katisha Dixon, a mother of six.

Mothers in the Raleigh neighborhood have questions about how and why the 15-year-old had a gun on his way to school.

Campbell says it won’t be happening again.

“I guess he learned a hard lesson,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes, ma'am. Don't pick up a gun and always talk to your parents about everything that is going on in your life,” said Campbell.

Campbell is currently out of jail on a $8,500 bond.

Her son is scheduled to go into surgery Monday to get the bullet taken out of his head.


  • grayhawk

    The 15 year old kid should have talk to his mom about the gun an his problem at school because mom no best ( A CONVICTED FELON) who
    many time broke the law.look how’s TROUBLE ROLL DOWN HILL.

  • Nabi Tablet

    She went to jail for something her son did, but what about the teacher that locked the little girl in the closet???!!! Its a COLD world!!!!

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Mother of six kids. Who can realistically afford to raise six kids. This is why the food bank and every other charitable organization in Memphis is strained to the breaking point. STOP having kids people!!!!!!

    • Gabriela

      There should be a law that regulate the conception or amount Of Kids people can have. Honestly how much attention Six Kids can have from a parent. I understand if was that she had sixtuplets or set Of twins every time she was pregnant, but I bet that was not the case. Will be great to have a law that only allow people to have two kids, unless they can proof they can take care Of them with out welfare or any assistance from the government. Four Kids its too much. I just think one arm for each child, for one parent its enough.

      • Truthy

        People can have all the kids they want, so long as THEY pay for their own kids. The government has played the role of daddy in the black community for the last 40 years. Cut off welfare $.

    • Just Asking

      My mom raised 6 kids without any government or public assistance it can be done! We weren’t product of our environment. We were well taken care and with the exception of our younger sister who’s enrolled in collage now we all graduated college and not from a technical college received scholarships and was debt free.

    • Terrie

      Well, I’m glad they are holding the mother responsible for him as it should be. Jail or not, he is her son, not the governments. I pray the boy is ok

    • grayhawk

      Truthy u so wrong people cannot have all these kids
      Truthy the gov cannot cut off welfare because that will DOUBLE the CRIME
      an these poor and convicted criminals will knick in your door
      any time to help themselves an the Police will tell you to go online to fill out
      an report and u will have 2 walk downtown or catch the bus to the library since your apt has no light or power.

      • Memphibesafe.

        Can you have the bulldozer swing by Hickory Hill too? I hope he can make the Hickory Ridge Mall look exactly like the # Mall of Memphis.
        ( # For those of you new to Memphis, The Mall of Memphis is now a parking lot, thugs took it over and the City razed it to the ground)

  • Christine

    All I want to know who was the original owner of the gun. Law enforcement should treat gun crimes like they do drug crimes. Law enforcement need to track down those who supplies guns to criminals.

  • Tasha

    I must admit , where a lot of blacks are its always high crime and poverty. I now live in a mostly white dutch community. We hardly have if any crime that goes on in the community, Blacks are to blame for a lot of issues going on in the communities, blacks now days don’t value education, sit up and get high, run the streets and don’t teach the kids any morals. I know this as a fact, not what I have heard but seen it first hand. Not saying every black person is like this but wayyy to many. I know I may sound racist but I’m feed up with this stupid way of thinking. Black people out in the thousands marching for the injustice of treyvon but want stand up for your own hood to stop these murders that happen to your own kind. Who am I to say this, I’m a black woman born and raised in north Memphis who’s feed up with black crime.

    • All knowing

      Girl, they got you brainwashed I see. Crimes happen in your area that’s why they move away and form their own communities and law enforcement they report what they want to report. They are drunk and drugged out.

      • Memphis is Dangerous

        Just as much crime in Germantown and Collierville……NOT. Hickory Hill, Frayser and Whitehaven have more murders EACH, in a month than do Collierville and Germantown, combined in a year. Do not take my word for it. Look it up. Why in the hell is property in Memphis going down in price as property in the suburbs is going up. Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Asians, Etc. are leaving Memphis in droves to move to safer areas to raise their families. And I don’t blame them.

      • Tasha

        It seems to me you are brainwashed, if believe its OK to live in a community that rob, steal and kill one another. Where Mamie’s sell their kids food stamps for crack. Kids not receiving proper education. All for the sake of keeping it real. When you got something educated to say reply back.

      • allknowing

        @Tasha when I have something educated to say reply back huh? What did you say that was educated? There is crime everywhere just because your street is quiet doesnt mean you are not next door to a meth house in other words just because your neighbors are white does not mean they are not committing crimes and just because your neighbors are black does not mean they are. Don’t get on here with these scary klansmen and agree with them. The stuff they are saying is offensive and you best believe you just another black baby mama to them you aren’t winning any points. Now be a solution to our problem.

  • Amber

    So many racist comments. Black people are not the only ones on welfare. There are a lot of white people on it as well that have a lot of babies who are abusing the system as well. Who said this lady is even on welfare? She may work. Who are we to judge?

    • Jim

      She’s on welfare and has an EBT card. You, Amber, must be new to Memphis. Please be careful, there are people in Memphis that will kill you for a few dollars and not bat an eye.

  • I'm black too

    @Tasha…..Crime is EVERYWHERE! If you’d check the crime in other states, you’d find crime has increased all over the country. I am in agreement with you that Black on Black crime has become worst in our city. Race is not the culptil. Lack of jobs, Lack of job skills, low self-esteem, poverty, lack of moral values, lack of ownership etc are all contributors to people resorting to criminal activity. If you are a black person then of course you know of sitations first hand that are happening. However, it isn’t just black people committing crimes. White, Asians, Mexicans…they commit crimes as well. Rather than belittling your race, how about you do something to help. Do you own a business? Can you teach others how to obtain a business? Can you donate clothes and school supplies to some parents who are in need? can you donate time on the week-end helping some of the elderly in the black community? Do you see where I am going with this? What are you doing to help stop some of this other than complaining and speaking negatively about the black race? What are you able to do to help? If you are not a part of the problem, then you are a part of the solution. Throwing out insults isn’t helping anyone. When you moved to your new community, do you think you were viewed any differently from any other black person? No! You are still black. People who are racist will not esteem you as being better than the rest of the black race. Despite your attempt to move away, you are still a black to them. Changing locations doesn’t change who you are on the insice. It’s really immature to make the statements you’ve made. I just wonder if you are real or some psuedo black person posting to get a reaction from people.

      • allknowing

        @Tasha is brainwashed they you believing that there are no crimes in Germantown, Bartlett, Collierville. Let me educate everyone on here: Just because your street is quiet does not mean there is no crime in your area.

      • Tasha

        @Allknowing not to much, can you even read. I stated I live in a mostly white Dutch neighborhood, there’s no dutch people in Memphis. White American people and Dutch white people are two different culture of people. So why would you mention G-town and the other neighborhoods they are far better to live in then Memphis. Most white Dutch people don’t like American whites. Stop using Google so much and pick-up a book sometimes you would have known Duhhhhh!! In your native language.

    • Tasha

      I have a Master in Psychology, and yes I’m currently participating in all and more of what you have stated above. Instead of trying to be smart if you read the statement correctly I’m talking about our culture and the value system that blacks seem to not want to face when its about us. I talked about the comparison of both sides of the fence relating to crime, and yes I too face many discrimination just being a black woman anywhere, but for me that was not enough to stop me from getting off my but and doing something positive with my life. There is no excuse in this world for black people to be running around uneducated, violent and acting like wild beast. I don’t care where you come from in 2014 its no excuse to be ignorant you are because you want to be if the black poet Laurence Dunbar can graduate during his time back in his days then what’s your excuse. Go ahead and Google it, since that’s your only source you refer too.

  • A voice of reason.

    To allknowing,

    Of course there is crime in Bartlett, Germantown and Collierville. However, compared to other areas of the City of Memphis, the suburb towns have much less crime. Research it for yourself.

    Hint: Frayser, Whitehaven, Hickory Hill, and South Memphis are areas of rampant violent crime.

  • allknowing

    Good for you @Tasha they gave you a point you are now dutch now your master of psychology is worth something.

  • allknowing

    @Tasha so help me understand the dutch people are white and they don’t like white americans but they like you……..ok then

    • Tasha

      Mr. Swing my way anybody that don’t know to much all not knowing. Let’s not try and change the topic, bottom line if our people continue at this rate thru massive amounts of incarcerations and killing from black on black crime’s we will be the destroyer’s of ourselves. As far as people you call racist, some comments are tacky but truth is truth. I don’t need no one to agree with me when I’m speaking from the heart, these types of stories breaks my heart we got to do better then this.

  • Starr Jewel

    It is shameful that a child was able to get their hands on a gun. It is shameful that a mother is a felon. What is even more shameful is the horrible assumptions that were made concerning this article. When I read this article and then the comments, I was amazed at the lack of reading comprehension of the English language. What you are about to read is a comment made by the 15 year old’s neighbor being interviewed. The neighbor has 6 children. It never states how many children are in the 15 year old’s home. It only mentions they are “handicapped”. Until we can understand that our own actions and judgement of others is part of the problem, we will never succeed at a better community.

    “It’s very much our responsibility how our kids turn out,” said Neighbor Katisha Dixon, a mother of six.

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