Mother Of 15-Year-Old Who Shot Himself In The Head Not Charged


Update 7/18/14: Prosecutors have chosen not to pursue charges against Cassandra Campbell in this case.

(Memphis) Police have charged the mother of a 15-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head.

They say Cassandra Campbell tampered with evidence when she hid the gun in a sock drawer so the boy wouldn’t get in trouble.

The teen shot himself Friday morning on Jenwood as he was about to go to school.

While Campbell has been charged with tampering with evidence, she says she had no idea her son had a gun and when she found out she certainly didn’t try to hide it from police.

“I wasn’t thinking about hiding the gun or making sure he doesn’t get in trouble. He is already in trouble!” said Campbell.

Campbell has had a tough week. Her mug shot says it all. First, her son shoots himself in the head by accident and then she spends the weekend in jail, “I was unaware of him having a gun. I don’t allow him to have a gun.”

Her 15-year-old shot himself in the head when the gun fell out of his pocket and went-off.

Police say his mom picked up the gun and hid it in a sock drawer so he wouldn’t get in trouble, “I did not hide the gun but I have handicapped kids here so I couldn’t leave the gun out.”

Campbell is also a convicted felon so she’s not even allowed to have guns in her house so police charged her with that too, all while her son is in the hospital with a bullet still wedged in his skull, “After everything happened, he told the officers at the hospital that he found the gun and he kept the gun in case he needed it for something because he had been having a little trouble at school that he didn’t feel like he could talk to me about it.”

“It’s very much our responsibility how our kids turn out,” said Neighbor Katisha Dixon, a mother of six.

Mothers in the Raleigh neighborhood have questions about how and why the 15-year-old had a gun on his way to school.

Campbell says it won’t be happening again.

“I guess he learned a hard lesson,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes, ma’am. Don’t pick up a gun and always talk to your parents about everything that is going on in your life,” said Campbell.

Campbell is currently out of jail on a $8,500 bond.

Her son is scheduled to go into surgery Monday to get the bullet taken out of his head.


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