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Jewelry Store Robbed Inside Wolfchase Mall

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(Memphis) Memphis Police now say there were no gun shots fired inside Wolfchase Mall during a robbery.

Police say five men, dressed in black, robbed Reed’s Jewelers inside the mall.

There are no reports of injuries.

A witness thought breaking glass was gunshots.

Police say there were numerous calls from people on the mall who are hiding.

Police say the men were, “wearing black clothing, black hoodies armed with sledge hammers and guns.”

A total of 65 Rolex watches, worth $11,000 each, were stolen.


  • ej

    It is not a gun free zone as a permit holder even if it was I will carry mine to protect my family. And far as the kids doing the knock out game its just a matter of time they hit tje wrong person and they get delt with the grown folks way.

  • Nonya Bidness

    This robbery was practiced, and well thought through. That should rule out black participation. It was also brazen which would rule out white perps. My bet is Asian of some sort.

  • Tony

    Joe Censored you are a _ick! If it was black or Latino The Wolfchase mall has been plagued by crime since it was opened. Remember the man who was trying to molest little kids…. or the series of robberies since it was opened? Can you say they were done by blacks or Latinos or whites. It’s a mall that has its share of unfortunate events even when it was thought to be a safe family mall. You guys putting race at the forefront are doing nothing but race baiting.

  • Don

    Wolfchase Mall, Okay Tony, Have your people check all of the stores in the area that handle Sledge Hammers and see if anyone has bought or stolen or bought some. Also I would advise Mall security to make sure no one is walking around carrying a sledge hammer. If you have a problem, ask Shelby County to take over the investigation before AC tells you to Stand down.

  • Ben Smith

    To the question of concealed carry in the mall: In very fine print, Simon Malls makes it very clear that even concealed carry permit holders are prohibited from bringing firearms on the premises; verbatim. I’ve personally read the rules and regs posted near every mall entrance.It’s there. Hence,I have not shopped there in over 3 years,nor plan on doing so. In regards to the act itself, this appears to have been well planned and orchestrated through reconnaissance of the site,store,and shoppers.I would also suspect that the perps had some inside knowledge of the inventory. A crime like this has to have a high reward to risk ratio.For the would CCP crime stoppers, I would not have intervened,even with my prior military training.This scenario could have escalated quickly into hostage taking and free fire in a crowded mall. Sad to say,the perps outsmarted the system and nobody could do anything about it.

  • GoodCitizen

    Are people on this message thread REALLY trying to convince us that most crimes committed in Memphis are not committed by blacks?

    Wow, that kind of self-delusion is breathtaking.

  • Publius

    To live in Memphis and not know that most crimes committed in this city are committed by blacks betrays a breath-taking level of ignorance.

    Or could it be self-delusion? Simple denial? How do you live in Memphis and deny what is in front of your face? What is obvious? What is clearly borne out by crime statistics?

    Do you imagine that there is virtue in denying reality? That if you ignore or conceal the truth it makes you a more “tolerant” and loving individual?

    What a mess.

    • toby

      Just like the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the USA are all black, the stats don’t lie but the Obamaites still cry racism. It’s not racism if it’s true.

  • Mike

    65 Rolex?? I have looked at Rolex watches there before and I have never seen more that 18-20 on display. Insurance padding maybe? 65 of them would be a $7 million inventory just in Rolex. If you are displaying $7 million just in Rolex watches, in a mall, you deserve to get robbed.

  • Louisville via Memphis

    It amazes me how many individuals hide behind their computers talking down about someone else, but when you see that same person in public,they’re the biggest cowards…Grow up and get a life…If you don’t like Memphis, move like I did……smGDh

  • All knowing

    My guess is the perps weren’t white because they didn’t shoot up their family at home then come to the mall and shoot everyone up.

      • All knowing

        No I mean their family that consists of their drunk mother and their weirdo dad that doesn’t interact with the family because he’s in the garage looking at porn or mailing letters with ricin

  • Nuclear Mike

    Why to stay away from memphis for shopping as the thugs have taken over everywhere as the MPD wallows in corruption!!!

  • MikeBarret

    Where is Martin Luther King for the White man? I’m a minority in Memphis and I need representation. Maybe some of those reparations too.

      • toby

        You mean the reparations blacks should be getting from Africa since their own tribesmen sold them into slavery and the black slave owners in the south? The stupidity of you people amazes me you believe everything the history books tell you.

  • Murray Hogarth

    the natives can’t handle having a mall. everybody forgets that the foote and cleaborn homes hood rats helped destroy Peabody place

  • HatesElvis

    You white people been killing black kids and burning churches for years I don’t think u wanna do a body count toby, white on black crime is a fact that’s been going on for years…

  • Stupidity is a disease

    Every story has the same stupid comments…everyone should get over themselves. If these guys were black shame on them….if they were white shame on them it’s more to life than black and white. No duh most crime in Memphis is committed by blacks…the city is majority black. Who cares who is committing the crime my issue is “crime” not who committed the crime. I don’t care who kills or is being killed…I care that someone lost their life. Ignorant people take the time to leave stupid comments about race on almost every article. This was probably an inside job… Or an organized crime group who has no affiliation with Memphis. There was a similar robbery in Atlanta so I’m almost sure of it.

  • Make Mine Stupid

    There is something fishy about this whole affair. A mall full of people, yet no one saw a thing? What, did these people have Star Trekish personal cloaking devices or something? This was too well planed out and the timing was too convenient also. I’m leaning toward this being an inside job too. This was pulled off with perfection, TOO MUCH perfection to have just been a common smash and grab.

  • polo solo6

    Toby you know that the only way you can function on a daily basis is for you to get on this blog and hate on African Americans. The owner of this news site must be your dad/brother or you wouldn’t be allowed to hate unless you have a valid reason. Being a failure in life isn’t a reason that you can hate on an innocent person. Sound like a loser on black crime to me. Face it you and all your buddies you wouldn’t be heard unless you blogged, that way you can vent and it shows how miserable life is for you and others. You looking forward to tomorrow so you can be your sorry self and say things you couldn’t be paid to say openly. Cowards sit up and practice at night what will be said the next news post. We know how Memphis got so corrupt, now just let the seed your people planted grew!

    • grayhawk

      I agree with you the white people that print toby mess cause more harm
      than good on this post.this WHITE BOY an the WHITE FOLK who post this
      BULL must be REDNECK.

  • lakeesha bowles

    Ijs what is stopping all you complaining people from moving…leave memphis..problem solved.Sick of racist idiots..just leave memphis,ain’t nobody got a gun to your head begging you to stay,so leave please.Because crime us everywhere,plain and simple.

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