Wild Pit Bulls Killing Cats And Threatening Children In East Memphis

(Memphis) An East Memphis woman is devastated after burying a mutilated cat that wild pit bulls viciously killed.

She claims this is happening much too often in her neighborhood, and the city won’t help her do anything about it.

“Nobody should have to go through something like that, because he was torn so bad,” said Mary Reeves.

Reeves says four pit bulls are running wild in her East Memphis neighborhood.

“They just keep killing cats and cats disappear. They just vanish,” said Reeves.

No one will claim them, and they’ve killed at least four cats and other wildlife.

Neighbors say the dogs come around at the worst possible time, between two and four in the afternoon when kids are trying to get off the bus and walk home.

“In our neighborhood, children love to get out here in this cove, and play and ride their bicycles, and play ball,” said Reeves.

She’s tried to get Memphis police to catch them, but like the wild dogs in Cooper Young we told you about earlier this week, Reeves isn’t getting much of a response.

“We had two policemen come out the other day. They didn’t even get out of their squad cars. And I was told by one of them to trap them in my backyard,” said Reeves.

A spokesperson with the city says police haven’t gotten any calls from the neighborhood, but they are now sending out animal control officers to check.

After out story of wild dogs attacking in Cooper Young Animal services began patrolling the area and set up a trap, but haven’t caught any of the wild pit bulls.


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