Shelby County School Closures

There are 13 schools on the district's list that could be closed at the end of the year.

Here with us are school board members David Reaves and Chris Caldwell.




  • School Closure Meeting
  • Information Session
  • SCS Board Auditorium
  • 160 S. Hollywood
  • Tonight, January 16    6 p.m.




  • Proposed Closures:
  • Alcy Elementary School
  • Graves Elementary School
  • Gordon Elementary School
  • Klondike Elementary School
  • Riverview Elementary School
  • Shannon Elementary School
  • Westhaven Elementary School
  • Cypress Middle School
  • Corry Middle School
  • Lanier Middle School
  • Riverview Middle School
  • Vance Middle School
  • Northside High School




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