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S. Perkins Business Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted on: 5:47 pm, January 16, 2014, by

(Memphis) Memphis police got more than they bargained for trying to take down an accused armed robber.

Jermaine Cornes is accused of robbing an electronics store on South Perkins with a gun.

According to an MPD affidavit Cornes held up Metro PCS in Parkway Village at gunpoint, and assaulted someone in the process.

Police records show after getting away with less than $200, Cornes went around the corner to a house.

Officers identified Cornes as a suspect and knew his address, so they went to the Cottonwood home to find him.

While officers were checking out his home, some children inside told them Cornes left and was walking down the street.

Officers say they then spotted him hiding behind a house just a few doors down.

When he saw them, he then took off running.

He was arrested a quarter-mile away.

Police found marijuana on Cornes and he admitted ditching his handgun behind this house.

Donald Jenkins lives across the street and saw police scattered around the neighborhood.

“It just lets you know you never know about your neighbors. You never know what`s going on and you just stick to yourself sometimes,” said Jenkins.

Police officers say they found the money from Metro PCS in Cornes pockets and hidden under his mattress.


  • Jason says:

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • Geneva garner says:

      Yes he is he made a bad bad choice on what he did love him dearly he wii get out and be a better man when he come home

  • Not Jermaine. He a good boy he always helpin his self around the neighborhood. He was trying to get up some tuition money for Uof M.

  • 1midtownmike says:

    Sad to see the transformation of Parkway Village…….what was once a blue collar neighborhood for families living the American dream has turned into a ghetto that’s hood rat infested.

    • Geneva garner says:

      Really any were u go it’s a crime been done

      • toby says:

        It’s the usual black excuse “Everwhur you goes is da crime bein done”…sorry, in towns I go to there isn’t crime like this, but then again it’s not infested with ghetto rats. So live in your little ghetto fantasy world. We know what reality is.

      • 1midtownmike says:

        Geneva garner, you have deprived some village in a third world country of having an idiot.

    • kay says:

      you are so right, I moved away from there 20 years ago and I am so glad I was able to go at that time. It is horrible now.

  • Joe Censored says:

    why bother?

    Memphis representing!!!

  • toby says:

    Top 25 neighborhoods that are dangerous in the USA…not one is cracka dominated.

  • Don says:

    Did the police find the weapon or were the told to “Stand Down” before they found it.

  • Randy Brown says:

    Why want it be? The required fields are filled out

  • Free Thinker says:

    I was renting a nice home on Cottonwood in 1995, I came home after work one night and was confronted by a man with a gun just as I was getting out of my car. He demanded that we go into the house, despite my begging not to, because my wife and children were inside asleep (I worked nights).

    He walked around my house as if he had just won a “take whatever you want” contest, ordering me to make multiple trips to his car with “his” loot.

    On the last trip, with my TV, he had me put it in the trunk where I could see the make/model of the car and the tag number. I was convinced he was going to shoot me when he pointed the gun at my head and told me to get back in the house. He did not. He was caught just a few minutes after I ran inside and called 911.

    The responding police and later my neighbors, told me that they could not recall anything like that happening in their neighborhood.

    I now have a HCP and carry everywhere it is legal to do so. I am also armed while in my home. Surviving a situation like this causes you to think ahead and to be better prepared.

    I will respond to violence in kind.

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