Mom Of Child Put In Closet Says Teacher’s Punishment Is Not Enough

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(Memphis) The mother of a Memphis kindergarten student put in a closet as punishment said the school district hasn't done enough to discipline the teacher who did it.

A day after the incident, A.B. Hill Elementary School teacher Kristin Oshfeldt was suspended with pay and school administrators told News Channel 3 what she did was clearly against school policy.

Wanda Joseph said her daughter is still traumatized by what happened and hasn't been back to school.

She doesn't think Oshfeldt should be allowed back in any classroom.

"I think she ought to lose her job for this. I really do feel like she needs to lose her job for this," said Joseph.

Akeelah Jospeh was left in the closet for over an hour Tuesday.

She was discovered by a substitute teacher after Oshfeldt went home sick.

Joseph is upset Shelby County Schools has not called to apologize or check on her daughter and she's not surprised her daughter's ordeal is getting so much attention.

"She put a child in closet. That’s a story. You don’t put a child in closet for nothing," said Joseph.

Shelby County Schools is still investigating what happened.

Memphis police and child services are also looking into the matter.


  • ShockedAdministrator

    I overheard a conversation about why the teacher is on a paid suspension. She said that as soon as they fire her or put her on unpaid suspension she is going to go public with abuses at the school that will cost Shelby County Schools millions in law suits. The administrations does not want that on their record so they are not going to stop her pay.

    This type of activity among my peers is shocking and unacceptable.

  • Don

    Mom said, Punishment is not enough
    Said the school district hasn’t done enough to discipline the teacher who did it.
    Uh oh, I feel a Ghetto Lotto may be on the docket soon.
    I hope the teacher is not on paid while suspended. She needs to be black balled so she never gets a job teaching or even work around children.

  • Terrie

    Make no judgments until we hear the teachers side. Besides, I hear this little girl is a little terror so maybe the teacher did what the Mother should have done. ??

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