Mississippi One Step Closer To Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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(Jackson, MS) Mississippi is one step closer to drug testing those applying for welfare benefits.

The MS House of Representatives passed House Bill 49 Wednesday by a vote of 74 to 46.

All Republicans present voted “yes” and most Democrats voted “no.”

The Senate will take up the legislation which would require adults in Mississippi applying for TANF assistance to fill out a questionnaire.

The applicant could then be required to take a drug test.

If the results are positive, the applicant would have to seek outpatient treatment for two months.

The legislation is very controversial.


  • bmw120 says:

    Since the Dems all voted no, does that mean they are the drug users or the drug pushers?

    • Bailey says:

      I get drug tested at my job. Why can’t the welfare folks get tested too

      It seems fair to me, unless you are a drug user.

      • upaces88 says:

        This is another thing they do. They “Sell their food stamps for an “x” amount on the dollar. They give the buyer the code for them to be able to buy food with.”
        Then they take the $ to buy drugs with.
        How do I know?
        A young woman across the street told me that this practice is quite common.
        YES! They do need to be drug tested!!

    • mission says:

      They are probably all black, don’t want their people to give up all the free benefits.

  • upaces88 says:

    All States should do this!

  • yuri mali says:

    i thought republicans were for smaller government and decreased spending unless its something they want….hypocrites

    • hateliberalcommies says:

      @yuri, this will decrease the welfare abusers which will decrease the government.

      • yuri mali says:

        so can u give an example of these “welfare abusers” or are they all in your head

      • hateliberalcommies says:

        @yuri: the ones that claim other kids on their forms that aren’t theirs,,the way they use their food stamp cards to get money to buy those drugs with,,,

  • not giving it says:

    This article doesn’t give enough information. For example, who would be responsible for paying for their outpatient treatment? If its Medicaid or some other form of tax payer money, I don’t see how this would really save any money. Also, it never says if they could still collect the welfare if they failed the drug test. I mean could somebody fail the drug test, seek outpatient treatment, and still collect the benefits as long as they were being treated? I believe that if they fail, all of their benefits should be taken permanently, and if kids are involved they should be placed with family or in foster care. But in a world where everyone is a victim, this would never happen.

  • yuri mali says:

    so alot people will have there kids taken away and labeled as hardline criminals because they smoked marijuana right “not giving it”….what a waste of time and resources

  • EL Hoard says:

    Not only should initial drug tests be required, random tests with little advanced notice should be as well. This should be required for all recipients of welfare, food stamps, and other forms of assistance lasting 12 months or more. Life long and generational recipients should be removed from any form of assistance or be required by law to perform a government work program, I.e. Pick / clean up trash, paint, repair, maintain, and provide janitorial services for public properties, facilities, roads, parks, etc. unless medically incapable.

  • yuri mali says:

    you people and your racist comments feel so comfortable when given the illusion of privacy by hiding behind your computers…everyone knows this is not gonna happen anyways its already been ruled unconstitutional….unlawful search and seizures….so just because a bunch of rednecks pass it doesnt mean its gonna be enforced

    • Terrie says:

      I want to know if the drug testing will be for NEW applications only or if they are going to do it on everybody? And what is with the written test that could lead to drug testing? Really? They need to rehire new people that will be giving the tests too. I’m sure someone’s friend, family member, neighbor or teach son’s works there that’ll do anything for a few bucks including under the table payments

  • mike says:

    and do random drug screens also, but that will cost big time

  • They should be held to the same standards as any state or federal employee. That means no shoplifting, abusing anyone, or using drugs.

  • Terrie says:


  • Nonya Bidness says:

    Anything that will thin the ranks of the generational welfare recipients is a good plan! Throw the bums off!

  • Keneta says:

    If I want to take drugs and receive welfare, it aint nobodys busness. Stop hating.

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