Germantown Middle Student Killed By Drunk Driver Honored By Basketball Teams

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(Germantown, TN) A middle school basketball team pulled out a big win for a big fan Thursday.

Thirteen-year-old Hezekiah Moss was killed by a drunk driver last month.

The Germantown Middle School student was a huge fan of his school's basketball team, and Thursday, his family came out as they played in his honor.

The team took to the court knowing one of their biggest fans was missing from the sidelines.

And girls' team, boys' didn't matter. The Red Devils were on fire, playing hard for Hezekiah.

He was killed by a drunk driver on Hacks Cross over Christmas break.

If his life hadn't ended that night, everyone says he would have been in the gym Thursday.

"I remember playing knockout with him in sith grade year. He would always wish those threes. He was very competitive."

"He loved basketball. Everywhere the basketball team would go, Hezekiah would be there."

His entire family took to the court, his mom still fighting back tears over her only child, as coaches and kids told them they have the love, support, and energy of the entire school.

"He always made people laugh, called people bat head and everything. He was so funny. I love him."

That love meant everything to his uncle, a pastor.

He was Hezekiah's role model, and the 13-year-old wanted to lead his uncle's church one day.

"It speaks a lot to who Keon (Hezekiah) was and would always live in our hearts and know he'll be remembered at school is a tremendous blessing."

"We know he loved basketball and he cherished it. We won this game for him and love and miss him so much."

The family is waiting for the next court appearance for the drunk driver in the case, in hopes that too helps them find some type of closure.