Potholes Creating Big Problems For Drivers

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(Memphis) It  happens every year when the weather gets colder: potholes start popping up around Memphis.

Those craters in the asphalt are creating big problems for drivers.

"The rim is bent out and the cover is coming off this part," said Naketa Gilbert.

Naketa Gilbert said a pothole on Walnut Grove in East Memphis got the best of her tire.

She said by the time she realized what she had hit, it was too late.

"I hit it so hard. I thought I hit something. I didn’t know what it was. I had to pull over to see what I hit and I saw all the damage to my tire," said Gilbert.

The public works department won't say how many pothole calls are coming into its call center right now, but admits this is their busy season.

We saw eight potholes in a row alone along Hickory Hill Road, and from the dozens of comments on New Channel 3's Facebook page, it appears there are a number streets around the city crews need to take care of.

"The potholes need to be fixed," said Gilbert.

Gilbert also wants the city to fix her car.

Anyone can make a claim to the city by calling (901) 636-6616. To make a claim online, click here.

If you want to report a pothole, call (901) 636-6500 or 311 on your cellphone.


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    People get OFF your phones and look at what is a head of you. If you pay attention to what and where you are driving you can avoid some of these incidents from happening. Rain, Cold make for these potholes each and every year. Sorry this happened to you, but I have seen many a HUGE pothole and have NOT hit one of them as I am looking ahead and watching the road in front of me and NOT being occupied by a phone call, putting make up on or for that matter eating a donut. Come on and smell the coffee. I admit though and agree with you 100% percent that they should be working to fill each and every pot hole around. Instead I have seen them 3-4 to a truck and the asphalt is on the truck but by golly they are taking their breaks and take their time in getting back to work. 35-40 minutes just chatting and than fill a hole and than move up the street a block and do that same thing. Bet 4 holes got filled that whole day when there are so many. City Mayor needs to get out and ride around and watch his street patchers. They waste more time than they work.

    • toby


      “All drivers are prohibited from texting while driving. The ban on texting exempts certain officials – such as officers of the state, campus police officers and emergency medical technicians – when performing their duties. ”

      Funny thing is AC Wharthog won’t enforce that law in Shelby County.

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