Woman Shoots Boyfriend For Whipping Child With Belt

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(Memphis) A Cordova woman is in jail, accused of shooting her boyfriend.

Police say April Taylor shot her live-in boyfriend because he was beating their young child with a belt.

The shooting is sparking debate on child discipline.

Taylor told police that she only meant to hit him in the head with the gun but ended up shooting her boyfriend while trying to stop him from whipping their child with a belt.

A neighbor rushed Taylor's boyfriend from the Cordova apartment to the MED.

Rescue workers say he's going to survive.

“That's crazy,” said Chantel Robbins.

Robbins, Taylor's next door neighbor, didn't see the commotion Monday, but has her own opinions about what happened and disciplining children.

“I got whippings growing up so I'm not against it,” said Robbins. “Yes. I was whipped with the belt. It hurt but it got me to act right. I grew up to be very respectful so I’m not against it. Some kids need whippings.”

“The dad was extreme in the punishment and the mother was extreme in how she stopped it,” said Melissa Farfar, the director of victims’ services at the Exchange Club Family Center.

Farfar helps victims of domestic violence and helps parents learn better ways to discipline.

“Never use an instrument," she said.

While the law only requires parents never to leave a mark, she says the Exchange Club recommends never to hit - period.

“There are a lot of different ways we can teach kids without ever laying a hand on them.”

Farfar says Taylor and her boyfriend could have asked for help, attended some parenting classes, before it had to came down to this.

Taylor's now charged with aggravated assault for shooting her boyfriend and is in jail on a $30,000 bond.


  • Para

    The don’t call it Dirty Dova for nothing. Black on Black crime is out of control. Who will be shot in Memphis tonight?

  • carpet bagger

    White on White crime is out of control who will get shot in a movie theater next by one of you domestic white terrorist, oh one or more of you.

  • Don

    “There are a lot of different ways we can teach kids without ever laying a hand on them.
    He could have just locked the child in the closet, Thats what some scjhool teachers to when a child gets a little friskey. But in this case Annie Oakly may have shot the lock off of the door and could have killed the child in doing so. Probably need to go to plan B.

  • Jeanina M. Owens

    well if he would have beat the child to death or put him or her in hospital everyone one have been blaming the mom for not stopping it. Maybe he was carrying it to far and that was the only way she could stop him. if so who can blame her?

  • austinanjustin

    I wonder why so many people, no matter what the story, feel the need to show their racial prejudice.
    Ms. Owens, you’re right. If the child had been seriously hurt, people would have been blaming mom. This mom said no one hurts my child and she meant it.

  • kellogs

    @Laz…you are very stupid and ignorant…when I was an officer most of my arrest were done on white boys so get your facts straight..most of them were locked up for drugs and burglary…don’t get me wrong I have made some arrest on blacks as well..but don’t get it twisted thinking that its all black, you stupid f***!

  • Vidal

    No whippings? How stupid… and what has the alternative taught these bad, disrespectful, gun toting kids? Absolutely NOTHING!!! Whip that @$$!!!

  • shani

    Its in the bible spare the rod spoil the child there is nothing wrong with whipping your child better you whoop them than the streets or the police i think maybe she should get a whooping thats what wrong with these parents today don’t want noone to say anything to there children thats why the wworld is corrupt today

  • Kimberly DeCrow

    A man that hits a girl with a belt is perverse and monstrous. I do wish mom had called the police instead. I hate to see a mother defending her child end up in trouble.

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