Wild Dogs Attacking Pets In Cooper Young

(Memphis) Pet owners in Cooper Young say they’re being terrorized by a pack of wild dogs and the City of Memphis isn’t doing much about it.

People say the “killers” were even caught on surveillance.

The Cooper Young Association discussed the problem at 6 p.m. Tuesday: 12 dead animals in just the past few weeks, and wild dogs still on the loose.

“They just barged right through,” said David Lindsey, pointing at his chicken coop.

Lindsey saw four of his chickens torn apart.

Mike Larrivee found his cat.

“Which is really sad. He was a good kitty,” said Mike.

Larrivee says surveillance video from his neighbor’s porch on Nelson Street shows three wild dogs bolt towards his cat Bizerker right before she was attacked and killed.

These same dogs are accused of killing another cat on Nelson Street just weeks ago, and yet another cat in the Cooper Young area in July.

“I can replace my chickens. I think the biggest concern everyone around here has is that on this block alone there’s about a dozen families with kids under the age of five,” said Lindsey.

“Does somebody have to get hurt? Does a little baby have to get chewed-up by one of these dogs for somebody to do something about it?” asked Larrivee.

The Cooper Young Association says its asked for months for Memphis Animal Services to take action, but the department says it doesn’t work the hours that these wild dogs strike.

“The dog attacks are occurring between two and five in the morning,” said Larrivee.

“It was pretty gory,” said Lindsey. “It doesn’t seem like they were interested in eating them, just killing them.”

“They are killers,” said Larrivee.

Mike says it’s the City that’s responsible to take down these dogs before they turn from attacking pets to people.

“They have their limited resources and availability, but this is their responsibility. This is what we pay taxes for.”

He says the city needs to do something or see more stories like these.

“Three initially were killed immediately, and fourth one died just this morning,” said Lindsey about his chickens.

Memphis Animal Services did not return our calls Tuesday.

The Cooper Young Association says since nothing has been worked out with the animal control, all it can do is warn people to protect themselves and their pets.


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